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Narendra Modi and Mallika Sarabhai

April 7, 2007

The Modi administration in Gujarat wants some more censorship, this time the programme is not even about the Gujarat riots:

Modi spent some precious time explaining to Ahluwalia that the TV project on development issues — including women’s empowerment, health, youth and human rights — was done without consulting the state even though these are state subjects.

And, so deep-rooted is Modi’s dislike for Sarabhai — because she has been at odds on various issues including the communal riots — that he is not leaving matters at that.

The BJP on Tuesday announced that it will stage a protest at the Doordarshan office here over Mallika’s project which gets two hours of airtime every day. Local producers are already up in arms against the project. [Times of India]

Here is a previous example of the price that Sarabhai has to pay fro speaking up against Modi.

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  1. Sagar permalink
    April 10, 2007 12:45 AM

    Narendrabhai should be more worried about censoring the funny CDs that are circulating in Ahmedabad showing some of his ‘bramhachari’ friends losing their kurtas and pyjamas (literally) to tamasik forces. Though I am not sure whether ‘control of pleasure’ is a State or Central subject.

  2. sandeep permalink
    December 20, 2007 3:06 AM

    People like Ms Sarabaiah and her peers oppose modi more out of economic compulsions,like getting her programmes on DD ,awards grants etc.

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