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February 18, 2009

Somebody make an Indian version please?

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  1. Subash permalink
    February 20, 2009 11:17 PM

    this is very relevant to India of the present time.Because the media has become such a monster and has embedded itself into the very core of what it calls the ‘national mind'(the term in a rough sense the collective,combined thinking of the man on the street- which incidentally is created by the media). It makes opinions for we the people; conducts opinion polls on who will win elections; airs political debates; gives mileage to politicians, actors; runs nation wide campaigns on child trafficking and other social evils;makes us aware that smoking kills and drugs are addictive and harmful; reviews films and thus tells us which films to watch/ avoid;gives exposure to young talent through singing & dancing programs; reviews our defence and strategic policies through experts views;warns us about oncoming terror threats from militants; advices us on latest trends and what to wear at parties and how to match colors of clothes etc;In short- if you are watching television u become very aware and acquire an opinion on every thing under the sun from how to match clothes that you are wearing to how safe are our nuclear weapons from terrorists to how many millions are owned by the rich and famous.
    Sometimes it makes one wonder whether the Islamic mullahs have got it right when they prohibit the muslims to watch TV. No wonder the media is so much against the mullahs because it feels a threat to its existence from them.

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