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Deora Uncle, this ain’t fair

July 31, 2009

Read this post by Girish Shahane before it’s removed under the threat of a legal notice:

At the start, I reported to a gentleman on deputation from Intel, but he was soon replaced by a gang of four youngsters whose designations were never made clear. Three of them had a parent on the board of Reliance Industries, while the fourth, Milind Deora, was the son of the politician Murli Deora. I dubbed the website we were creating because of the influence of these sons whose only qualification was to be born into the extended Reliance parivar. [Read the full post.]

Read more about Deora Uncle, about the happier days:

Certainly, the family histories may not have foreseen such yarn being spun. After all, Mr Deora had a ringside view of every step Dhirubhai Ambani took in his journey to become India’s ‘tallest industrialist’ from his office at Churchgate or while travelling together in the local train from Mumbai Central to Parel or while visiting all textile mills in Mumbai together. [Read here.]

Come to think of it: so much of this wouldn’t have been coming out if the brothers hadn’t fought. All hail the Indian family.

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  1. Sunalini permalink
    July 31, 2009 10:00 PM

    I just read this; can’t digest my morning coffee now. In fact, the page refused to load several times; only after some persistent reloading did it show; I was surprised and thrilled that such an article exists at all (the author deserves kudos), and now I wouldn’t be surprised if it randomly disappeared, well before any formal legal notice. Has such a notice been issued? The law in such matters is of course just a belated ally, a pathetic has-been when other, far more efficient underhand methods have failed. We all remember what happened to ‘The Polyester Prince’, and the mysterious case of the failed helicopter sabotage plot and the poor dead informant…murky murky stuff here…

  2. August 5, 2009 3:47 PM

    Sorry tale of state sponsered crony capitalism

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