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Four years after the Mecca Masjid Blast, Justice Still Denied: Lateef Mohd. Khan

May 22, 2011

This note comes from LATEEF MOHD. KHAN of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, Hyderabad

The Makkah Masjid bomb blast is completely different from all the other blasts of the country because on 18th May 2007, at a time many terrorist attacks took place in the Makkah Masjid. First of all the Hindutva terrorists planted the bombs and targeted the people praying on Friday in the house of Allah i.e. Makkah Masjid, immediately after that, the Hindutva police of Hyderabad through using the firing experts, fired at the praying people and those who were helping the victims. After this, the third terrorist act done by the Police was that they blamed Muslim community itself for the blast through media. Muslims were shocked at this layer by layer terror acts; they never thought that Hyderabad which is considered as the fort of Muslims, the bomb would be blasted at the historical Makkah Masjid. In fact, this act was to attack the fort of Muslims. With this the confidence of Muslims is shaken.On the other side the Muslim representatives became stunned and failed to fulfill their responsibilities at this high time. Instead of making the government accountable, they played defensive role. There was no one to console the families of the people died in the blast and firing. They were treated worse than the animals. Police spread such terrorism that the families of the dead could not even perform the last rites properly. People were prevented from joining the last rites for the deceased. Instead of providing the medical aid and express solidarity with the people escaped from the blast, police started investigating them itself. The first question put to these people was ‘why did you come to perform the Friday prayer to this Masjid’. Police personnel did not leave any chance in harassing the families of the victims of police firing either. This way the Hindutva terrorists, by playing such barbarous acts warned the Muslims that they will not be safe anywhere in the country and especially in their own city, we can target you anywhere anytime. The aim of this attack was also to remind the Muslims that they are second class citizens in this country.

If keenly observed the situations and statements, it can be felt that the police provided the logistical support to the Hindutva terrorists. In fact it seems that the police also provided safe passage to these terrorists, this is felt because immediately after the bomb blast, police started firing on the innocent people, registered two cases of the bomb blast, discarded all the evidences and the most heinous act of police is that they blamed the Muslim community for this barbarous act and the reason for this blast given by the police was the sectoral differences(sunnatul jamat and ahle hadees) among the Muslims. All these things were written in the secret report of the police that was presented to the government. With this it is clear that, the role of Hyderabad police is suspicious in the Makkah Masjid bomb blast

Instead of conducting investigation and catching the terrorists, police misguided the people; and also continuously protecting the terrorists. They also tried their best to close the investigation by blaming the Muslims for the blast. The proof of this is the statement of the central Home Minister who said that ‘the case of Makkah Masjid bomb blast has turned cold’.because the main accuse of blast i.e shahid bilal is died . This statement was given by him on the briefing of Hyderabad police. This also shows how sincere the state and the central government of India are in investigating the Makkah Masjid blast case.

With the continuous struggle of Civil Liberties Committee, it has exposed the Hindutva terrorists’ involvement in the blasts and now the Hyderabad police are under scan. Now it can be said clearly that the Hyderabad police helped the Hindutva terrorists by turning the investigation on wrong path, and by targeting innocent Muslims. This is a part of greater conspiracy against the Muslim community. It also signals that the Hindutva terrorism has reached from Gujarat’s Gandhi Nagar to Hyderbad’s Gandhi Bhavan. From the political parties to the government agencies and in the Military, the Hindutva terrorism is taken over.

The RSS is responsible in promoting and encouraging the Hindutva terrorism. The RSS pracharaks are themselves the Hindutva terrorists and the merchants of death.  Terror activities of Sadhus, Sadhvis, Swamis and Sants belong to the RSS are exposed. The bomb blasts that took place in the country and blamed on the Muslim Community were all planned and carried out by the RSS terrorists. But, even after this, the government’s attitude towards these RSS and Hindutva terrorists is very soft. If it had been any Muslim organization instead of RSS, then it would have been banned and the people associated with it would have been killed in the name of encounter. Whereas, here the government’s attitude is soft and double standard. Whether the rulers of the country who may be either of Congress or BJP, they play on the tip of RSS and they present the terrorist organization as nationalist and socio-welfare organization. All the government organizations are in the clutches of the RSS. The same double standard of the government is the biggest threat to national security as well as to the Democratic and Secular fabric of India.

If at all we keenly examine the Makkah Masjid bomb blast, it will be clear that this terrorist attack was on the democratic and secular fabric of the country. Today four years are being completed for the Makkah Masjid bomb blast and it is very sad affair that the criminals are still free. The sadhu, sadhvi, sant, swami and army colonel who are caught are small actors. The real captain of the Hindutva terrorist is still free. In fact their organization’s i.e. RSS camps are going on large scale all over the country especially at Hyderabad as well. The government is silent on these terror activities of RSS

Civil Liberties committee knows that there are such facts in the Advocate Ravichander report that the congress government will not have any right to rule. It will not have any moral right to be in the ruling position. In this report, facts are mentioned such as to how the Muslim youth were given electric shock, were beaten mercilessly, confined them under illegal detention and labeled with fake cases. In his report Advocate Ravichander himself has written that, ‘If you have tears prepare to shed them now’, with this one can understand how mercilessly the police might have behaved with the Muslim youth. Even after this the government is neither ready to accept its fault nor presenting the report

Here I want to  question all the media houses, as to why they have not come forward to conduct a programme in memory of the victims Makkah Masjid bomb blast and police firing, whereas they have conducted memorial programmes at other places such as Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat. Here we want to remind them that the persons who died at Makkah Masjid are also Human beings, is this attitude towards them because they belonged to Muslim community

It is matter of deep concern and strongly condemnable the attitude of police personnel who are resisting the Muslim community from offering homage to the victims and martyrs of Makkah Masjid bomb blast. Don’t Muslims have the right even to pay homage to their brothers who have sacrificed their lives in resisting the Hindutva terrorism and became the victim of police firing? Here I question the double standard of the government who make special arrangements for the programmes at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat and on the other side resist the people in paying homage to the martyrs by placing the barbed wire and blocking the roads. Here I want to remind the Congress government that Muslims are also Human beings.
on the occasion of four years of the completion of Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing, people of Hyderabad

       Demand to the government to present the Bhaskar Rao Commission report in the Assembly.
       Demand to the government to present Advocate Ravichander report before the people.
       Demand to investigate the Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing seriously.
       Government should put a full stop to the Hindutva terrorism and book these terrorists under rule of law.
       The Secular parties and Muslim representatives should fulfill their responsibilities, strongly condemn the police attitude for not allowing paying homage to the Martyrs of Makkah Masjid blast.

Lateef Mohd Khan,
General Secretary
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee
clmci at hotmail dot com

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