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Defending Narendra Modi: An Exercise in Obfuscation

February 29, 2012

In Outlook magazine last week, its web editor Sundeep Dougal asked 25 questions of Narendra Modi about the 2002 Gujarat pogrom and the subversion of justice since then. Predictably, the army of Narendra Modi Defenders began to spill outrage at such blatant compilation of true charges against Mr Modi. Doing the rounds of the internet is a point by point rebuttal to Dougal’s questions by a blogger, Shashi Shekhar, who goes by the name Offstumped, and is a known online Modi defender. Offstumped’s answers have been responded to by Dougal, and yet Offstumped’s rejoinder is being circulated all over the internet by Modi defenders in the hope of persuading public opinion that Mr Modi is a spotlessly clean man whose actions and inactions did not result in any loss of life, property or dignity of anyone in 2002 and later. The rather large army of Narendra Modi Fans on the internet hopes that by repeating their standard lies again and again, they will one day become accepted truth.

Reading Dougal’s questions with Offstumped’s answers and Dougal’s counter response makes for a fascinating expose of the kind of obfuscation and lies with which they seek to defend Narendra Modi’s big lies. Do read it.

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  1. fchiramel permalink
    February 29, 2012 10:37 PM

    Shashi Shekhar, aka Offstumped, is as you mention, one of the most visible Narendra Modi apologist and enabler on the internet.

    All his posts use a familiar cut and paste trick from archived news reports – some of which are quite obscure- and which he will present as conclusive evidence for the point he is making, when there are reams of credible reports and analyses to the contrary. And he doesn’t have to do a lot of convincing as he is essentially preaching to the choir on his blog.

    Many of the comments on his blog – from supposedly the Internet generation of India – are outright scary as a window into the thought processes at work here. For e.g., one NDPatel comments about the 2002 pogrom / Narendra Modi on the Offstumped blog:

    “I think Godhra 2002 proved to be a blessing for minority community in Gujarat. Today, youngsters earn lively hood with dignity & respect rather than dreaming to become DONS/ Mafias….But one needs unbiased eyes to see this progress…….

    Rest is very simple as said by lord krishna to Arjun “Adharm to sahan karna bhi ek pap hai”. You can’t keep standing on receiving end and let any tom, dick and harry stab you. Sometime you have to react and give “Check”. What happened, was a need of hour, which has benefited both, Hindus and Muslims. Since, last 10 years, no incidence of even stone pelting is recorded during rath yatras. This is what the duty of Raja is. He is performing his duties well.”

    And for this insightful post, he got 8 thumbs ups from the Offstumped community!


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