5 Ways To Master Your Ping Pong Skills In 2021


Ping-Pong is basically known as table tennis or whiff-whaff. It is one of the most loved sports in which two opponents hit a light weighted ball back and forth across a table. This game is extremely loved by people as it welcomes a lot of fun. Although this game is a lot of fun, it can be a tricky game to win. Today, we are going to shed some light on some tips and tricks through which one can ace Ping-Pong easily and effectively.

Focus On Feeling

This is the very first tip that will help you master your Ping Pong skills. It is also a Chinese philosophy. The feeling is the way you spin the ball. Most of us hit back the ball without the feeling of spin, and the quality of the shot is much lower than it should be, and due to this, the shot makes you lose. The simplest way to ace the game is to impact the ball and focus on the spinning. Once you master the feeling and spinning of the ball, you can start hitting the ball harder, but if you are not much capable of spinning the ball effectively yet, then do not hit the ball very hard.

Hit By The Legs

Most of the players practice and are being taught to play and hit by the power of their arms, but the winning strategist says to hit by the legs. When you hit by your legs, your whole body would be utilized when you will strike, and therefore, the stroke would be much stronger and harder. This is the reason why big names in tennis ace the games, as they just not play with their arms, but with the whole of their bodies. It is also recommended to fix the elbow and do not move it so freely. This would compel the players to use their legs while playing and rotating their whole body. This creates a whole mechanism that ensures consistency and efficiency in the game.

Contact Position

Not every player knows where the ball should be stroked. Most of them hit the ball based on their habits. Therefore, whenever the player will hit the ball in a different position or direction, the consistency of the play would decrease and it would not make you enjoy playing the game. It is definitely not a good way of playing table tennis. You should know priory that where you want your ball to strike. By practicing this several times, you will develop a good habit of it, and due to this good and efficient mechanism, it would be much easier for you to play consistently. This would eventually improve the quality of your game.

Relax And Explode 

It is really normal to be tensed during the match but Table tennis does not need that. It is not necessary to win always, but trying your best is always the key. The best way to ace the game is to relax and explode. Keep repeating this technique throughout the game to make your strokes stronger and consistent. If you feel too tense, then the feeling and the contact position would get compromised and you would not be able to play to the best of your ability. To overcome this, and figure out that at which part of the game you become tensed, film yourself while playing the game, this would definitely help you in figuring out the moment you get tensed in. Keep jumping, be flexible and relax. This is the main key to acing the game. Harden your stroking power after every three strokes so that you can relax and explode. This step will increase the quality of the shot dramatically.

Learn All The Tactics

This is the most obvious tip. By learning all the tactics of the game, you would be able to figure out that where the ball should be stroked at what time of the game. You would be able to figure out whether the ball should be stroked at the opponent’s forehand, middle hand, or backhand. There are many advantages of knowing all the techniques and tactics way before as it enhances the quality of your gameplay and makes it even smoother.

These tactics make you confident about yourself and your game and shut down the opponent’s strength and the gameplay continues in your favor. The very first tactic is to identify your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths in the gameplay. Once you are done with finding out all of his strengths and weaknesses, find the attacking point, that where it is easy to attack, and what would be your contact position. It is recommended generally to attack to the wide forehand or wide backhand. This enhances the consistency of the game and increases its quality.

Once you are done with finding the way to attack, the final step is to stick with the best-attacking options, and give it a go! Some more of the tips of the short is to serve for a long time with no-spin to long pimple side and distract the players. Gradually, start enhancing your trick and give it a great start. Once you are able to figure out their strengths and weaknesses, you have the game in your own hands.

Besides playing Ping Pong professionally, people love to enjoy table tennis and Ping-Pong at their homes too. Before you start playing in the field, practice and become a pro at Ping Pong at home. What you’ll need is a good Ping Pong table. Ping-Pong is not just a game, but it is a way to enhance a lot of your skills and offers a lot of health benefits such as improving reflexes, balance and it burns calories too! So, for someone who is looking for a fun activity and wants to lose his or her weight too, then Ping-Pong is the best game for you! Have a good time playing it with your friends, and family!

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