6 Main Tips to Write Email Marketing Content that Converts Leads Into Sales


There are various alternatives to digital marketing that companies have been using and have proven to be effective. Among many, email marketing has been a highly effective and efficient method of digital marketing. There are many studies to back that email marketing leads to a higher number of sales than any other digital marketing.

However, if this task is not carried out suitably, it will not bear positive results. Here are some tips you do not want to miss while writing your marketing content.

1.  Find out the best time and day to send emails

Reaching out to a person when they aren’t busy ensures that your email isn’t ignored. It’s best to work out a schedule to send the emails depending on your customers’ schedules. People of different age groups and working backgrounds have different leisure hours. That’s like writing and sending important cover letters, send them to employees while they are at work, not in the middle of the night. If you can reach them at a time when they are enjoying their time off from work, the recipient is more likely to read the email. Sending emails on the weekend or the holiday season might be ideal as people have time to spare and are most likely using their phones or laptops anyway.

2. Browsing history email

Not everyone who adds items to their online cart makes the purchase. Shoppers check similar products and reviews of products on various other platforms before deciding to make the purchase.

However, sending an email to a customer who has emptied their cart a few hours ago can lead to conversion. Some customers need that extra push to help finish the sale. Not only should you send an email after a customer empties a cart, but you must also send one within the next 24 hours to remind them of what’s waiting for them in your store.

Many shoppers tend to wait for deals and sales on those products as well. Keeping track of customers’ history and framing marketing strategies based on the statistics collected will be very helpful. Make a point of sending emails beforehand to these customers, so they can avail of the offer and make the purchase.

3.  Urgency

Create a sense of urgency as it can be used to increase your customers’ value and loyalty. Amazon never shies away in using tactics and strategies to get conversions because they understand what their customers want.

One of Amazon’s recent email marketing examples that are praiseworthy is a pre-Christmas email. Amazon put a cap on their order time and literally set a time limit for shopping! When the clock ticks and you know you have little time left, you are bound by a sense of urgency. The fear of missing out is real. According to Performance Digital Marketing Agency, this sense of urgency often leads the customers to make a purchase and fast.

Many companies these days provide offers by limiting the offer period for “One day only” or “First come, first served”. Such tactics have been quite useful to make sales.

4.  Keep it short and informative

You know when you ask something to someone and instead of answering your question they start giving you the history of it instead? That’s pretty annoying, right? See this as that particular situation too. Instead of beating around the bush and boring your reader to sleep or worse — to quit reading, keep it short and sweet.

A paper published by psychologist George Miller in the mid-1950s stated that the short-term memory capacity of the human mind stores a list of items between five and nine. According to experts, that number has now come down to four. When you make the email short, there is a high chance that customers retain the information they’ve just read.

5.  Include a call-to-action

End your email with a strong call to action. Get creative. Instead of boring and regular call-to-action such as “Buy Now” include fun call-to-actions that make the readers want to click that button right away. Some tried and tested call to actions that get the users to sign up are “Sign up for free”, “Claim your free trial”, “Send me specials now” or “Follow the Magic”. Some companies like blogging.org have a countdown clock that shows up on the screen to let you know how much time you have left to claim your free trial.

6.  Make email templates

Create a perfect email template to target your customers. You might think this contradicts to the main point of all such articles, “Personalized Emails”; well, it does not. Personalized emails take your email marketing to the next level. Customers are more likely to read the email if it is addressed to them instead of a mass sent-out email that starts with ‘Dear Customer’.

What you can do is form a general template to send out to a concentrated group of people. However, you personalize some parts of it to make it more relatable to the reader. This not only saves your time but helps you become more effective and efficient.


A study on ‘Dynamically Managing a Profitable Email Marketing Program’ states that sending the right number of emails contributes to a company’s long-term profit. Paying attention to these factors before sending an email blast can lead to positive results.

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t see the number of sales shooting up within a month or so, be patient, and persevere. Learn from your mistakes and learn from your competitors too. Everybody has a lot to offer, you learn as you grow and collect experiences. So, the main thing is to always learn from everything that surrounds you and from all those things that have happened to you. We hope that this article helped in some way. Good luck!