A detailed guide to buying winter garage floor mats


Garage floor mats for the car can be an easy solution if you are seeking to protect your garage floor from stains, oils, and fluids. A garage floor mat can also change your floor to have a  more finished appearance. Because floor mats are considered to be one of the most common flooring options, they come in a wide range of sizes, materials, surface tread patterns, and colors.

Garage floor mats can also hide bad stains and cracks in the concrete and even protect your garage floor from harsh weather. Besides, they happen to be a popular option as they are easy to install. With many options available on the market, it’s a good idea to know the differences in the types of garage floor mats so that you have a good idea of what can be right for you and your needs. This article is a detailed guide to buying winter garage floor mats.

Types of garage floor mats

Garage floor mats are usually manufactured to offer various functions or purposes. In most cases, one type of floor mat can offer more than one function. Here are some types of garage floor mats you can find on the market:

Parking mat

As the name suggests, these mats do exactly as described. They usually have various lengths and widths that are a bit larger than your car’s size. You can even find sizes for your motorcycle.

Garage floor parking mats tend to protect the garage concrete floor by collecting debris that can come from your car. Some of the things it can collect include water, mud, dirt, oils, road salts, and many more.

You can find a variety of surface tread patterns and materials, but some mats can be easier to clean than others. Remember that you can always take out a parking mat outside to wash it if you want.

Roll-out garage floor mat

A roll-out garage floor mat can be larger than a parking mat and get its name because of its ability to be rolled out to cover the whole garage floor. The advantage of using a roll-out garage floor mat is that they provide the garage a makeover by hiding stains, cracks, and other problems in the entire garage floor.

They are also a good option when it comes to covering up problems with dusting concrete. They can give the garage a nice finished appearance and even get rid of the musty garage smell.

Unlike sealers and epoxy, a full roll-out garage floor mat can assist to absorb sound, meaning your garage may not produce echo-like rings when making noise or talking. You can find these mats on the market and they have the largest widths that can reach up to 10’ and some lengths of up to 24’ or even more depending on the brand. You can also lay these mats next to each other and trim them to fit by using heavy-duty scissors or razor knives.

The seams of these roll-out floor mats are usually butted up next to one another or slightly overlapped. Alternatively, you can choose to utilize seam tape on their underside. Also, there are some brands that provide an optional center strip that hides the joint and optional edge trim strips.

A water-absorbing garage floor mat

If you come from a fairly wet climate or even a place with wet seasons, winter garage floor mats can be the right one for you. These floor mats can collect and absorb water as well as light snowmelt dripping off from your car.

These mats are also designed to collect a few gallons of water so that they can keep the garage floor dry. As a result, this may prevent slip fall dangers from an icy or wet garage floor. They can also prevent water from getting into your home from foot traffic.

An oil-absorbing garage floor mat

Oil-absorbing garage floor mats are just water-absorbing mats, so they tend to collect oil as well as other petroleum-based liquids that you want to avoid depositing on the garage floor and staining it. These types of mats can also prevent slip and fall danger from slippery car fluids. Further, staining of the concrete can be prevented, and they prevent foot traffic from oil from getting into your home.

Mats that absorb oil are usually available in a wide range of sizes.  You can find some mats that are regarded to be specialty mats. These are produced in small enough sizes to park your car over them. There are also others that are designed as parking pads or mats or even as roll-out mats.

Winter containment mats

Garage winter containment mats are regarded as specialty mats designed for specific purposes. These include containing several gallons of water, road salts, heavy snow, slush, and collecting fluids in the winter months.

Many of these mats have a raised edge around their perimeter to allow water as well as snowmelt to gather and be contained in the confines of the mat. When you lay them with one edge close to the garage door, you just need to squeeze or even broom the water or unmelted snow on the driveway so that they can drain away. Once the winter is gone, you can store these floor mats until you need them again.

Carpet garage floor mats

Carpet garage floor mats for your garage floor are designed to give a softer feel and look without the danger that traditional carpet on your garage floor may give. The good thing is that these carpet mats are not affected by oil, water, or other petroleum products that may reduce the standard of the carpet, leading to break down and even become flammable.

Besides creating this softer appearance in your garage, they can also absorb and even create a good job of insulation from the cold concrete. No wonder, carpet garage floor mats are also becoming a popular option for garage floors.

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