Benefits Of Visiting Pain Management Clinics Regularly

There are measures you can observe with regard to managing bodily pains. We mentioned a few expert tips about this in a separate post as well. However, we will point out that such measures are temporary.

It is highly recommended that you regularly set appointments for checkups and for therapy with clinics that focus on pain management silver spring md relies on. Here are medical reasons why you should.

1. Correct Diagnosis

There are myriads of medications and topicals readily available in stores and pharmacies for managing pain. Most of them do not even warrant that you present a prescription for purchasing.

They may work for a number of minor pain-related conditions. We are not refuting that. Be that as it may, they might not work for long-term disorders. If at all. At the same time, these over-the-counter products frequently require a smattering of applications for their effects to become more impactful. Still, you will not know what the source of your body aches is.

With pain management clinics, you can be diagnosed properly. Underlying causes of pain can be monitored and studied. Doing so implies utilizing prescribed medication and/or treatment that can specifically target the source of pain. Instead of merely aiming at pain alleviation, the source will be identified for a truly effective, long-term solution.

2. Accredited Specialists

This is connected to the above. It is a major reason why it will be wisest that you rely on pain management clinics rather than self-treatments. You will be able to inquire about your condition directly from medical specialists.

They are experts in this field and are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating patients. They are also trained and experienced in dealing with the various categories of pain-related conditions patients are riddled with, from mere muscle spasms to tense nerve endings, recovering injuries, and the like.

3. Access To Medical Facilities

When the bodily chronic pains you have been suffering extend beyond skin-deep and are no longer seasonal, you may be recommended a combination of taking medication as well as procedural treatments. The latter will depend on the severity of pain and the type of ailment a patient has.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are for procedures wherein the pained area is injected with a local anesthetic (which may or may not include steroids). This form of isolated treatment is effective for immediately targeting said specific region of your body.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Therapy Or TENS

TENS utilizes what is medically referred to as “electrical stimulations” for pain reduction. It applies electrical currents (low and very closely monitored voltage) against pain sources. These currents will then pair up with the electrodes which shall be carefully laid on your skin.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy is meant only for very specific categories of pain. It should not be used for pain that radiates in and around the spine and/or back.

Surgical Implant

Surgical implants are a pain management solution that, much like TENS, are for very particular types and/or sources of pain. There are 2 types: Intrathecal Drug Delivery and Spinal Cord Simulation Implants.

Intrathecal Drug Delivery is an invasive operation wherein small pockets shall be created underneath the skin. These pockets will then serve the purpose of supporting a medicinal pump.

Spinal Cord Simulation Implants often follow surgical operations as a form of therapy. This device is switched on so that monitored levels of electricity are applied for immediate pain relief.