Business Apology Letter: How To Do It Right?

Everyone can screw up, but not everyone knows how to admit it, much less ask for forgiveness. And if you find yourself in a situation where you behaved incorrectly, ignoring business etiquette can be very expensive. It doesn’t matter what caused it: a magnetic storm, a mistake by your employee, or a power outage. No, this is not about money, although refusing to apologize can cost a pretty penny. First of all, your clients’ respect for you as the company’s representative is lost. As well as the respect of your employees and partners for you as someone who should take responsibility in delicate situations.

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But you need to be able to say sorry properly. We will give practical advice on how to write a business apology letter so that it is relevant and effective, while your reputation does not suffer. Also, we will discuss why in this case you need email list cleaning service. Do not worry! If you ask for forgiveness correctly, you will have your heart lightened, and you will maintain trusting relationships with people.

What cases require sending a letter of apology?

You should send a business apology letter if, due to any action or problem on your part, the subscriber (client) is uncomfortable, angry, or upset. For example, your service has technical problems. Your customers couldn’t apply the promotional code, the user’s attempt to sign up for the event failed, an error was made in the email (the date of the webinar was confused, the client’s name is spelled incorrectly), etc. In general, any reasons due to which the subscriber lost time and money, or wrecked his nerves.

Let’s note one important moment. When talking about how to apologize in an email, we recommend that you say sorry only for those mistakes that could harm clients or damage the reputation of the company. And such a trifle as an incorrect spelling in a letter, keep under your control and note them in the checklist before sending the mailing.

What can and cannot be written?

When we talk about professional apology letters, it means that they have a human face in them. It is extremely important to make it clear to the person to whom your “sorry” is addressed that you are not ignoring what happened. On the contrary, you are ready to do everything possible to fix the situation. A good letter should explain what happened. It’s like a confession. Just kidding! But you have to write what caused the screw-up. Whether the system failed or the employee was not himself that day. Here, accuracy, sincerity, and informality are essential. As an example, one of the great apology letters from Twitter, where the social network apologizes for a bug that (albeit for a short time) threatened users’ confidential data. Everything in the letter is done correctly and humanely:

  • technical terminology in laypeople terms;
  • what happened and what the consequences are;
  • advised on how to secure personal data;
  • there is an apology for what happened and thanks for the trust.

Next, you need to admit your mistake and apologize. You should not pretend that nothing serious has happened. Also, do not blame someone else, even if it is not your fault. Say “I am sorry” so that your self-respect does not disappear, and the person you are apologizing to does not have the feeling that you are fawning.

Finally, tell us what you are doing to correct the mistake, what technical problems you fixed already. In case you have not yet fully figured out what caused the failure, do not hesitate with the letter. You can write that you are aware of the error and are currently working on its identification and further elimination. You can even joke if it’s appropriate, but don’t get carried away.

Here is an excellent business apology letter sample:

Offer a bonus that is proportional to the size of your mistake. Let’s say you wrote the wrong date for an upcoming event. In this situation, just apologize and provide the correct date. At the same time, if your client lost money and time through your fault, his negative was outrageous, for example, you changed the terms of the promotion or did not warn that the terms of preliminary registration for courses were about to come to an end. In this case, instead of a 3% discount, offer 5-6%. And in the case of the course, return some of the money or offer a special price for the next stage of training (another direction).

And take note of how not to do it!

Should I check the email address before sending it?

We hope now you know how to write a business apology letter, but do not rush to send it. We recommend checking the customer base for validity. Otherwise, in addition to the negative attitude from your offended subscribers, those recipients who have nothing to do with you and received a letter from you by mistake, due to incorrect data in the mailing list, may also get angry. What will they do? Send your email to spam. If you want your emails, including a professional letter of apology, to be delivered to your subscribers without even a hint of a spam complaint, take care of the hygiene of your customer base with Proofy!