Best Candytopia Coupon Code & Discount of 2021

Candytopia offers a wide variety of discounts and coupon codes for its visitors. Some of them run throughout the year. Others have limited life and expire after a certain period. Current Candytopia coupon codes, offers, and discounts have been listed in detail below.


Student Coupons (Not Available)

Candytopia CouponCandytopia offers student coupons of up to 10%. All students need to do is enter the valid code. The code can be requested via Candytopia’s Facebook page.

Military Coupons (Not Available)

Candytopia offers military coupons to all eligible persons up to 15% off on their tickets. The codes are provided via online websites and Candytopia’s Facebook page too.

Cyber Monday Coupon (Not Available)

Candytopis offers $5 coupons on tickets for Pheonix and Philadelphia only as part of their Cyber Monday Sales deals.

Other Coupons Via Authorized Sellers

How Do The Offers work?

  • Users need to visit and purchase a ticket via the company’s website. To purchase tickets via authorized dealers, customers need to visit their respective sites.
  • After that, they will have to make an associate account, sign-up, and then purchase the ticket online.
  • While checking-out, customers are prompted to enter the promo code or discounts they have come across on the internet. The validity of the code can be checked if there is an expiry date written next to it.
  • Once the code has been entered, the specified discount will be applied. Candytopia does not offer any retrospective discounts.


Growing up, most of us have read and watched the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s famous book, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ Some of us have been die-hard Willie Wonka fans throughout our lives. Who knew when we grew up, we had a fun entertainment place to visit exactly like Willie Wonka’s factory. This place is Called Candytopia.

Candytopia’s charm is no less than Disneyland’s theme park. With so many sweet attractions and free candy bars, an hour-long tour seems too short. This fantastic interactive art-loaded place consists of statues and art pieces made out of confetti, marshmallow, chocolates, and candies. However, visitors are not allowed to lick or eat them. They are provided with separate candies and bars to eat them up while on tour. This colorful and sugar-ridden place was conceptualized and brought to existence by Jackie Sorkin.

Candytopia is an installation similar to Willie Wonka’s dream. It is a fun place to visit with lots of candies, sugary treats, marshmallow pit, swings, and confetti. It is a colorful and engaging place to be. The trip lasts for about 1 hour, and there are a lot of photo-taking opportunities available in this place. Candytopia is open in specific areas such as Philadelphia, Pheonix, and Miami.

Candytopia has a very interactive website with an online ticket booking and registration option available. The tickets are priced at different rates for adults and children up till the age of 12. The adults’ tickets for all Candytopia locations are priced at $28, and tickets for children aged 4-12 are priced at $20. Children under the age of 4 that are 0-3 years old enter for free.

Candytopia partners with various authorized dealers to sell its tickets online. Showclix is one of Candytopia’s major partners.