Challenging Sports You Need To Try In Your Lifetime

Are you reaching your thirties soon? Well, fret not because when they say that hitting the gym makes you feel better, they weren’t lying about it. Regardless of your age, exercise and getting in shape is something that anyone can do. Sure, we can do some light jogging or play some casual sports. But for those who crave a little more adventure, something with more spice and challenge, here are five fun thrilling sports that you can take up to push your body to its limits. And for more tips and tricks, check out air beneath my feet.


Some people may have the misconception that boxing is all about punching and getting punched. But we can reassure you that the sport actually demands high amounts of cardiovascular training and discipline. One will most likely practice jump rope and train punching movements on the punching bag before getting into the ring. Learning how to improve your reflexes and balancing skills are also important when it comes to boxing. Not to mention that the sport demands above average fitness and health levels before one can even participate consistently.

Don’t be surprised to find that many people actually seek out boxing as a good means of exercise rather than a competitive sport. For those who are only interested in using boxing as a method of keeping in shape, there are fitness centers and gyms that offer boxing classes as exercise. This means that they will most likely allow you to practice without fighting in a serious match.

For those who are interested in the sport and beyond, participating in serious matches and rounds is always an option as well.


Whether indoors or outdoors, scaling walls and uneven vertical surfaces can be quite demanding on one’s body. However, this hasn’t deterred people of older ages as well, as evidenced by Barbara Stetson who set a record at her local park at the age of 95 years old. Climbing is a sport for the young and the old as long as they are determined and willing to put in the effort. You might think that the lack of age might affect stamina and fitness levels. However, climbing is all about scaling in the most efficient ways possible.

An older person has the experience and maturity to patiently plan their climb in a way that suits them the best while a younger person with more energy might just brute force the climb and hope to compensate for poor decisions with their athleticism.

Regardless of who you are, climbing still demands specific tricks and techniques that everyone has to learn. Practice those diligently and you may just find yourself climbing with ease. Not only does climbing encourage you to think, but it also vastly improves your muscle growth and coordination as well as heart strength. Not to mention you’ll be having one of the strongest grips among your friends.


Swimming is perfect for those who want a low-risk sport that avoids inflicting injury or worsening one’s current health conditions. There is no jumping and no direct impact on your joints as the water supports one’s weight and movements. In addition, it also puts your entire body to work, not just burning calories but also stretching out your muscles. An all-in-one scenario if I do say so myself.

One great thing about swimming is that it has a low barrier to entry for people who are not as fit or newer to more challenging sports. You can put in more effort and last longer in the pool, and have the freedom to take some casual dips or swim competitively if you so desire.

However, some drawbacks to swimming are that it may not be as effective as other sports such as running. This means that one may have to put in more time and effort to practice for longer training sessions. Despite everything, it is still one of the sports with the greatest health benefits for those who choose to venture into swimming.


While it may seem fun and easy watching people play tennis on TV, the reality is far from that. As a sport that demands frequent jumping and a high amount of stamina, this may not be the best exercise for someone who is older. However, if you consider the multitudes of actions require to play the sport such as running, brisk walking, and swinging movements, all these can go a long way towards improving your overall body fitness and health. And the great thing about fitness is that it is easy to get started and an exercise that you can play with your family and friends, no matter the age. Competitive or friendly matches, there is nothing more fun than playing tennis with other people.


If you are looking for a sport where you can sweat it out with a bunch of other like-minded people, then rowing may just be for you. Perhaps one of the hardest sports on this list, it demands the muscles on every part of your body, including your legs believe it or not. In fact, your legs play a key role in rowing as compared to the arms. In addition to that, the sport also demands proper skills and technique, as well as teamwork, leaving one completely sore after a workout.

It may seem simple watching a group of people row along a lake. However, it is an accumulation of pure brawn and skills as everybody puts their best into rowing. If you are searching for a true challenge under the sun, a hard workout that pushes your body to its limits, then rowing may just be the thing for you.


How many people around can tell you genuinely that they have tried any one of these sports? Maybe few and far in between. Why not be the person to take up a challenging sport over the weekend? It may not just change your physique, but perhaps your health for the long-term. Just be sure to do ample warm-ups beforehand to ready your body for a good workout.