Top Fandango Promo Codes & Coupons


Fandango offers you movie trailers, tickets, new releases, and the latest news regarding movies. If you want to read a review of a certain movie, visit the local cinema, and stream movies at home, Fandango got you covered. If you’re a movie fan, it will save you a lot. Fandango offers you the best prices on movies and tickets and you can also join their club to enjoy exclusive offers.

Fandango Promo Codes

Earn $5 VIP rewards

This will save you a lot, if you are a movie fan, especially when binge-watching. Thus, Fandango allows its members to join their VIP club and access exclusive offers. For every movie you watch as a member, you will earn some points. Also, for every four tickets that you buy at Fandango as a VIP member, you will get a $5 reward. The offer is available for Fandango VIP members only, and it is available every day of the month. More information can be found on the company’s website.

$5 Off 2+ tickets

Fandango allows you to pay for your movie using different payment methods. For instance, you can pay using your World Elite MasterCard. When you use your World Elite Mastercard to pay for two or more tickets from Fandango, you get $5 off the original price. The offer is not inclusive of any other offer from Fandango. No coupon code is required for you to get the offer.

1% Cashback for online purchases

Fandango Promo CodeFandango has a reward for you if you shop for your movie online. For every purchase you make online, you will receive a 1% cashback reward. The cashback comes from the qualifying amount after applying the discounts. It comes before applying any other fee, including taxes, shipping fees, and other handling costs. Purchases of gift cards are not included in the offer. The cashback reward does not exceed $50, hurry and grab the offer as it is only available for a limited time.

10% Off 4K movies

Fandango is offering a chance to save some extra bucks when you watch 4K movies. For every 4K movie that you purchase, Fandango is offering you 10% off the original price. Thus, you get some extra bucks that you can use to buy a movie in the future or to get more movies. To enjoy the offer, copy the coupon code “4k2019” and post it at checkout. The offer is available as one per person, and it is not exclusive of any other offers.

$5 Off tickets

Fandango also makes it easy for you to book for tickets at your local cinema. Apart from making it convenient for you to buy the tickets, it also helps you to save and for every ticket that you buy, Fandango gives you a $5 discount. Thus, you can buy more tickets for friends or family. Copy the coupon code “ starpower” and post it at the checkout while making payments.

Free shipping on gift cards

Do you have a friend that you would wish to gift a movie? Are the shipping costs a major concern for your gifting? Fandango makes it easy for you to send the gift with their free shipping for gift cards. No coupon code is required to take the offer. The offer is exclusive of any other offers.

Free movie rental

If you make a gift card purchase of $50 or more, Fandango gives you a free movie rental of any format of up to a $6 total value. The offer has a limitation of one promo code “FNOW” for every gift card transaction. For you to redeem the promo code “FNOW”, you must be a member of the Fandango VIP club. You may also require a credit card for the transactions. The promo code is valid up to 20th September 2020. To get the free movie rental offer, copy the promo code “JULY2020” and paste it on the checkout.

$5 Off tickets to late night

Next time you want to catch a late-night movie, guess what? You’ll get to save some extra bucks when buying your tickets. Fandango gives you a discount of $5 when you buy two tickets or more. Thus, you can buy more tickets for your family and friends at a discounted price. Copy the coupon code “latenight” and paste it on the checkout. The offer is only available online and it cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. More information and details can be found on their website and the brand reserves the right to change or terminate the offer.

Hotstar annual subscription

If you subscribe to the Hotstar annual pack, Fandango gives you a free $10 movie ticket. Copy the coupon code “FANDANGO” and paste it on the checkout. The offer is only available online and for a limited time.

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