How To Secure Godaddy Email Login And Webmail Login?

It is very crucial to secure login and passwords of all your online accounts, including Godaddy. We share so much information when we create accounts on any such service. If one such account is hacked, many times, all our accounts are at risk. People often like to keep similar passwords, which is extremely callous in terms of online security.

Two-Factor Authentication – Godaddy Email Login And Webmail

This is the best way to secure your Godaddy account. They charge you $2 a year for extra security. Buy using this method; you have to enter your email address and password first. After doing that, a six-digit code is sent via SMS to your phone. You have to enter this code in the next step to access your account. This extra step may be a bit annoying in the beginning, but you will get used to it over time.

I remember an incident when a hacker sold me a domain of a company in $90. It was a deal that seemed too good to be true. I could not believe that such a domain was being sold so cheap. I paid the money using PayPal, and the domain was transferred to my account.

As the company which lost the domain realized what happened, they filed a complaint with Godaddy. The domain was transferred back to their account, and I lost $90. At that time, PayPal didn’t have any buyers protection. The company that owned the domain also lost business during this.

How to set up Two Factor Authentication for Godaddy Email Login And Webmail?

There are three possibilities for setting up two-factor authentication.

  • SMS Text Message: A 6 digit pin is dispatched via text message after a successful match of login and password.  When you fill in the correct six-digit pin, access to the Godaddy account or webmail is granted.
  • Authenticator app: You can download an authenticator app to your Android or Apple mobile phone, which will generate a code when you open it. You can attach your Godaddy account with this authenticator app.
  • Security key: A hardware security key can be obtained, which can be plugged into the device using the USB port. You will be able to enter the account only if the key is plugged in.

To activate the two-factor authentication for your Godaddy email login, webmail login, and account click on “Account Settings.” After that, click on “Login & PIN.” Now you will be able to see the options for the two-factor authentication.

You have the option to choose any one of the three two-factor authentication options, which I mentioned above. Two-factor authentication is very easy to set up and will provide you with an extra sense of security.  Even if a hacker gets your Godaddy email login and password, still, he/she would not be able to access your account and steal your data or harm your business in any other way.

I hope this article helped you in securing your account. I have faced such incidents and wanted to help others. Do check in again to my website for more useful tips.