Best goPuff Discount Code, Promo Code And Coupon 2020

goPuff is an online retail grocery store that offers a variety of products at attractive discounted rates. Customers can shop digitally and have their items delivered to them in minimal time. The details of discounts offered by the goPuff discount code & promo code are listed below.

Discounts/Promo Codes

Introductory Discount

goPuff offers an introductory discount to its new users. The discount allows users to avail 5% discount on their first four purchases. The cumulative discount amounts to 20% in total. All customers need to do is visit and enter their phone number to get their discount credited in the goPuff account.

goPuff Discounts for Existing Users

goPuff offers monthly and weekly discounts, promo codes, and coupons to its existing users. One of the active current discount offers includes getting 10% off on all orders.

Other such examples include promo codes listed on various websites that can be used to get a $15 off on first purchase only and a $20 off on the next three orders. In addition to it, one of the coupons offers free delivery too. All of the coupon codes listed are for one-time use only except for the ones who have it mentioned otherwise.

How do goPuff Discounts/Promo Codes work?

  • goPuff customers can visit the website: and enter their residential address. The website’s map tries to search the address provided to confirm if it is delivering to those areas.
  • After the address has been located on the online map, customers are allowed to make an order online.
  • Customers can sign-up or log-in to their accounts made with the website free of cost and then shop online.
  • After customers have added all the grocery items to their cart, they are redirected to a checkout page. This is the page where customers are required to enter the promo codes they come across while surfing online. If the coupon is valid, customers will get a percentage discount specified; if not, the website simply generates the message ‘promo code is invalid’.

gopuff promo code / discount code / Coupon


Living in the digital age is hard enough- too many tasks to do, too many family expectations to meet, too many responsibilities to be fulfilled, all while trying to pursue personal goals. In addition to all of this, going to the nearest convenience store for shopping monthly or weekly groceries accounts for a separate day and particular time allotment, which might not always be feasible. Last but not least, if one runs out of an essential item in the middle of the night and needs an immediate supply of it, where would they go if the nearest store is closed?

The answer to all of these problems would be

goPuff is an online retail convenience store. It was developed by two university students primarily to save time wasted in visiting a physical retail store and buying groceries. Rafael and Yakir were tired of the time it took them to refill their groceries while visiting the physical convenience store. Thus, they came up with the idea of goPuff App, which soon became really famous.

goPuff online store provides a range of household items that can be purchased digitally via their website. A total of approximately 2500+ products are listed on their website under various categories. The company delivers in 150+ locations across the United States of America and consists of 1500+ employees. The range of items provided by the store includes snacks, drinks, ice cream, wellness, and personal care products, breakfast and frozen food items, smoke shops, home essentials, and pet food.

goPuff stores deliver the groceries to their customers’ doorsteps within minutes of the order made and charge an amount of $1.95 for the service. The company offers returns and refunds on items bought online within 24 hours of the damaged item being reported. Customers need to report it with a code provided by the company for reference. Additionally, the store is open 24/7 in existing markets and from noon to 4.30 am in newer markets.

The goPuff online retail store can also be accessed via goPuff mobile app. The app can be downloaded easily from both the Apple and Android stores.