Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive

Who does not like to have fun? If it wasn’t for work, we could be doing it all the time. Even the biggest grouches have their favorite ways of spending time. And that is what quality entertainment should be all about – just doing the things we like to do.

We all have our own idea of how our free time should be spent. Some people are more proactive, and some would rather stay home and chill for a while.

There are no right or wrong answers. An excellent relaxation depends on many things. One of them could be a financial issue. Undoubtedly, good things tend to get pricey. On the other hand, there is a saying about the best of them are free (or at least relatively inexpensive).

Following that rule, let’s think of a list of simple activities that could bring a little joy to our weekly routines. Here are a few examples, grouped into categories.

Any physical activity

Regardless of preferences, everybody needs a little exercise to keep their mind and body active. To stand up and move around is the easiest effort we can make to feel better instantly. A simple walk is enough to make the blood pump faster.

Working out

Naturally, it is up to you to set the pace. Any amount of physical activity is already a great start. Committing to a simple training regime won’t cost you a thing, and the endorphins will keep on flowing. Of course, a gym membership is also an option, but what is wrong with jogging around the neighborhood? Maybe you’ll meet somebody and this will lead to a whole new adventure.


Taking up sports would undoubtedly be the next level of exercising. One that can be a lot of fun, too. Especially when competing with others. Many disciplines require very little to no money, but some expenditure might be necessary for proper equipment or a special treat. For example, extreme sports like bungee jumping or skydiving will leave you with lifetime memories. But they come with a price.

On the waterfront

Another idea is getting a bit of outside activity that will be much more budget-friendly and involves getting wet. Nice weather, a swim in the ocean or a pool, lying on the beach – what more is there to want? For obvious reasons, such pleasure is limited to warmer months or exotic locations, but it will be worth the wait once summer comes.

Game night!

Video games

Whether we’re talking online game sessions with strangers or inviting fellow players to your house, playing video games is as good of an idea for a lovely evening as any. Modern video games come in many shapes, forms, and colors. You can find something suitable from basically any genre.

Of course, some initial investments are necessary, and newly released popular titles will require some spending as well. However, it is probably safe to assume that you already own a computer, TV, or a mobile device with an internet connection.

Board and card games

Who said games need modern technology? Retro is always in fashion, and classic board games are coming back. More new ones are being released even today, too, so there is no way you won’t find anything interesting. Some of the most complex games may set you back a bit, however, but there is always the possibility to rent or borrow something from a friend.

Even the games, in which the basic concept was built on the idea to spend money, are usually available for free. That is the case for the popular card and casino games. The abundance of free online poker games with fake money options will help you learn the ropes and provide quality entertainment for many hours. Besides, you can always set up a table, invite some friends and play the old-fashioned way.

Going out!

This category of activities can be the hardest to pull off on a budget. After all, nice things cost money—especially when craving something fancy. Still, there is no reason to spend a fortune every time you go out. Perhaps all that really matters is the company you keep. With the right person, even a walk on the street is an experience.

Educate yourself

Leaving the house does not have to generate expenses. In fact, it could be an opportunity for self-improvement. Perhaps there is a free and stimulating class, or a course offered somewhere around your community. It won’t hurt to keep up to date with local events, free festivals, free national park days, and so on. A lot of art galleries and museums rarely expect any entrance fee.


Sightseeing is often associated with traveling, and it requires considerable resources. However, living in a big city means there is always something to do around town. How many times do residents know less about the famous landmarks or pieces of architecture located in their city than tourists who came just to see them? If that’s the case, now is your chance to learn more about your immediate surroundings.

Staying in

Staying in is the new going out. At least, that is what stay-at-home people are saying. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the time spent at your own place. You made it home just to feel the most comfortable there.

Netflix and…

It is a classic idea for relaxation and winding down, but it needed to be mentioned. After all, quality movies and TV series available on-demand are the advantages of the streaming services. You watch what you want, pause when you need to, and, best of all, you get to pick the company.


The company is, indeed, the most critical part. Living with a life partner, you don’t always have to decide to have a night out. A home date can be just as fun. Maybe a home-cooked meal, some wine, a romantic setting, and the chilling is just what everybody needs.

Me time

On the other hand, it is essential to take care of our well-being from time to time. Feeling connected to the busy world and interacting with other people is nice, but we also need a minute to ourselves.