Ichep 2016

The 38th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2016) is the premier gathering of scientists and engineers from around the world who are teaming up to run experiments, create new theories, and develop new models to determine the physical foundations that underpin our universe.

Whether dealing with the interactions of infinitesimal fundamental particles or dark energy thought to hide throughout space itself, high-energy physics addresses some of the mysterious questions that humans have pondered for as long as civilization has existed: what is the Universe made of? How do its parts interact? What laws are responsible for phenomena, both large and small?

ICHEP 2016 brings together physicists from a wide number of disciplines to share the latest advances in fields including neutrino physics, muon physics, cosmology, accelerator and detector design, and others. Held every two years, ICHEP provides a reference point for scientists looking to explore and develop the next generation of experiments and ideas to further plumb the mysteries of the Universe.

Registration is free for accredited journalists and public information officers attending the ICHEP 2016 conference.

If you will need a letter of invitation to obtain a visa to travel to Chicago, please email us as soon as possible at pressichep@hep.uchicago.edu. Please note that visa requirements for visitors to the United States have recently changed, so we suggest that all international participants visit the US State Department website for more information.

Also be sure to visit the hotels page to reserve your accommodation.