Profitable Shopping: What Is Fred Meyer Senior Discount

How much money is needed to have a comfortable life in our time? Most Americans will say “the more — the better.” However, we live in times when the prices of essential goods are constantly increasing, and fewer people can spend more than before in new pandemic realities. This is especially true for senior citizens, who are forced to spend more of their savings on food.

A recent study of Principal Financial Group has shown that food spending is one of the key areas where Americans are going over budget:

  • 22% of survey participants said that spendings on restaurants were over their budget;
  • 18% of participants spent more on food than they planned;
  • 76% of American households throw away food leftovers at least once a month;
  • Households lose about $900 a year on food.

All these facts give us a clear picture of why senior Americans pay more attention to promos, special deals, and sales, that are published in weekly circulars like Fred Meyer weekly ad. Let’s pay attention to the most popular discounts, provided by supermarkets.

Types of Discounts in Supermarkets

Discount — is a reduced selling price on the goods offered to the buyer. To get a discount at a grocery store or supermarket, you need to have a discount card. They can be of the following types:

  • A fixed-size discount card;
  • An accumulative discount card;
  • A bonus card;
  • A bonus savings card.

You can also get a discount due to the following:

  1. Loyalty programs based on social activity;
  2. Coupons. This is the simplest type of discount;
  3. Certificate/Subscription.

Usually, the buyer can use only one type of discount at a time. However, the most interesting type of discounts is by a group of buyers:

  • Discounts available to all customers. For example, special offers to the buyers who come on a special day to sell goods, and so on.
  • Discounts given to a specific group of buyers, united by some criteria: students, senior people, disabled people, etc.
  • Discounts given to a specific buyer individually.

As you can see, senior people can take advantage of many favorable options and save on their regular purchases. However, along with regular promos available to everyone, American supermarkets allow senior citizens to purchase goods at social prices on specific days. Let’s take a look at this special deal by studying Fred Meyer’s example.

What Is Fred Meyer Senior Discount?

The majority of the Western States in the US can take advantage of purchasing goods at favorable prices at Fred Meyer. However, this retail chain has its own social program for senior citizens of the 55 years old and above. These customers can receive an additional 10% off on groceries, clothing, footwear, electronics, home appliances, goods for kids, and jewelry. This option is available for clients on the first Tuesday of each month and bonus days. Besides, people can combine their Senior Discount with other promos and special deals available in the supermarket on that day. What does it mean for regular customers?

For instance, you could save on wholesale grocery shopping. You can buy the following products with a long shelf life and save on them:

  1. Beans
    Beans, lentils, peas, and so on. The family of legumes is quite extensive, although we are most often familiar only with peas and beans. Long-term storage is a story about dried beans, as they have little moisture, so they can be stored for a long time. You need to keep legumes in a dry, cool place.
  2. Rice
    Polished rice is a champion in terms of storage time. On the contrary, brown rice can be stored for no more than six months. White rice can lie for a couple of decades and does not spoil unless you put it in a wet place.
  3. Salt
    Salt is perfectly stored for years. You just need to keep it away from strong aromas and moisture, then it will be stored for many years and will retain all its nutritional qualities.
  4. Wine
    Wine can live in the bottle for many years. The exact time depends on the type of wine. It becomes even more saturated, and interesting due to the aging process. However, it can also lose all its flavors and get spoiled. Each wine has its own deadline, but usually, it can survive in the bottle for at least 2 years.
  5. Tea
    Tea can be stored for quite a long time, but not indefinitely, as some believe. Packaged tea is stored for about 1.5 years. It is important to keep the tea in a dark dry place at a stable temperature.
  6. Vegetable oil
    You can easily store it for 2 years at room temperature by pouring vegetable oil into a glass bottle and putting it in a cool dark place. It does not apply to linseed oil, which quickly becomes bitter at room temperature, so keep it in the refrigerator.
  7. Pasta
    Ordinary dried pasta without food additives will be stored up to 10 years in a dark, cool place. If your pasta is colored or contains vegetable additives, they will not be able to live for more than six months.
  8. Dried meat
    Dried meat is one of the longest-stored products. Almost every nation has analogs of dried meat, for example, Armenian basturma is stored for a long time. Meat in cans can be stored for up to 4 years.
  9. Butter
    Surprisingly, butter can be stored for a very long time and even without a refrigerator, but only in melted form. If you melt the butter, removing all the water from it, you can keep it for up to six months without losing its flavor and nutritional properties.
  10. Powdered milk
    Powdered milk has been purchased by Americans for a long time, and not because everyone had babies. You could cook cornflakes with powdered milk or add it to your morning coffee. In this form, milk powder could lie for more than 10 years!

In Conclusion

Of course, the opportunity to get a discount is good, but in order not to fall into the trap, be guided by your own mind and calculations. Always compare prices for a product in different supermarkets. A discounted item in one supermarket can be more expensive than the same item at a regular price in another. So, approach your choice wisely! Good luck!