Shoe Dept Coupons, Promo Codes & Discounts

When dressing up for an occasion, we are not really ready unless we select the right footwear and accessories which complement our dress and style. Hence, these two forms an important part of our makeover and in defining our personality too.

Many people tend to buy one or two pairs of shoes that would go along many of their outfits to save themselves from time-consuming efforts of matching each outfit with a new piece of footwear. Others do this simply because they cannot afford to pay the price of so many articles. Then there are those who simply do not have time on their hands. Thus they end up buying 2-3 perfect pieces of footwear, bags and accessories or bulk of them all in one go.

Shoe Dept CouponsIn order to help people look their best while carrying themselves with style as per the demands of the occasion, there are companies that are solely dedicated to footwear articles and accessories. All people need to do is find the one which offers good quality products with a variety of articles to select from. These products should have good finishing touch and should be worth the effort and price tag they carry. Shoe Dept is one such retailer dealing in this niche.

Customers can choose to buy products from their online stores and have them shipped or from their physical stores. However, in both cases, Shoe Dept offers discounts, coupons, promotional deals and codes to its customers so that they are able to enjoy good quality products at affordable rates. Have a look at some of these combined in the list below.

Discounts, Promo Codes & Coupons

50% Sales Discount

Shoe Dept is offering 50% off on all items listed in its ‘Sale’ section. A total of 451 products are listed in Sales merchandise. For details visit

Free Ground Shipping

Shoe Dept offers free ground shipping on orders worth more $49.95. This amount excludes any taxes and post-taxing is likely to increase. This offer excludes Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands.

Reward Points

Shoe Dept has established a ‘reward points’ system for its customers. Customers can log on, start shopping and earn points side by side. For every purchase worth $1, customers gain 5 reward points. This means, for an order worth $500, customers earn 2500 points. These points are very important in facilitating future purchases. They can be used in gift card conversions and used to reduce the total billing amount for future orders.

However, reward points cannot be converted to the equivalent cash value. They cannot be gifted to someone else. Reward points never expire and are rounded up to the nearest dollar always. Reward points cannot be used to reduce shipping fees or taxes.

Reward points can be easily earned under promotions related to them. However, since they are based on net purchases, they are earned based on the amount spent by customers on a product minus any other promotional offer discounts, deals, taxes, etc.

Gift Card

Shoe Dept offers gift cards users free shipping no matter what is the worth of their orders in terms of cash.

About Shoe Dept

Shoe Dept is a subsidiary brand of Shoe Show. It mainly deals in footwear, handbags, and accessories for kids and grownups. Founded in 1960, Shoe Dept has stores in 47 states over 1000 locations. Shoe Dept aims at providing customers with good quality merchandise at suitable rates. It incorporated modern technology with high-quality raw material to get the best results.

Shoe Dept also believes in giving back to society and contributes to causes like student scholarships etc.