Tinder Promo Code, Coupon Codes & Discounts

Love is one of the fundamental human needs. Dating and relationships have become complicated more than ever. Our fast-paced lives have made us closer to screens and away from human connection. In addition to it, the added social pressures have also made dating difficult. Keeping in mind that people come in all packages with emotional baggage, traditional dating options have become outdated.

Online dating apps, websites, and other platforms have made it more accessible for people to connect worldwide. Meeting someone who shares the same interests and someone you can relate with is now just a click away.

Tinder is one of the many online dating platforms that help people connect. Users have to pay a minimum subscription fee to sign-up. This step is taken to keep scammers out. It helps maintain more genuine profiles. However, there are regular discounts and promo codes offered to users. Some of them have been mentioned in the section below.

Tinder Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts

Tinder Gold Discount

Tinder Promo CodeTinder users must pay a subscription fee to access the platform’s services. Tinder offers its gold plan users a discounted price of $12.50 for a six-month subscription. If users sign up for a yearly subscription, they will be only charged an amount of $10. The regular Tinder Gold plan starts at $14.50 monthly, making up approximately $84 for six months. Thus, this offer guarantees enormous discounts.

Tinder Plus Offer

Just like Tinder Gold subscribers, people who want to subscribe to Tinder’s Tinder Plus Plan are also awarded discounts. The price in the offer is set at $9.99/month.

iPhone & iPad Offer

iPhone and iPad users are in for good news from Tinder. They can download and subscribe to the Tinder App for free for a limited period.

University Students’ Discount

Tinder offers student discounts to young users too. University students can avail of these discounts simply by entering codes’ UCI2019′ and ‘UCLA2019’. The validity period of this code is unspecified.

How does Tinder Promo Code work?

Tinder Promo Codes are entered after users sign in to their accounts. There is a drop-down option for ‘Promo Codes.’ Users are required to tap on that and enter their code. However, for new users, a promo code needs to be entered before. Once submitted the code, users can then sign-up using their phone number, email, or Facebook. Any credit card information in both cases, if required, is entered in the end.

About Tinder App

Tinder is an online dating platform with countless users worldwide. According to statistics cited by Tinder’s App site, Tinder has helped approximately 30 billion couples find their match to date since its inception. For the record, Tinder was launched in 2013 and has grown immensely since that day. A total of 26 million people logged in to the platform daily to find their match.

The minimum legal age to be able to use this platform is 17+. Tinder supports family sharing; up to 6 family members can be added to the same account. Tinder offers In-App purchases for Tinder Plus users ranging from $0.99 to $19.99.

If a user does not wish to purchase Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus plans, they can continue using Tinder free of cost. Although they will not have access to special features that the subscribers of any of these two programs will have access to.