Top Bitcoin (BTC) Investors in the World

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Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto on 3 rd January 2009. Currently when it comes to market share capitalized by all the cryptocurrencies bitcoin holds the largest market share. It is considered one of the most reliable cryptos among others and that is the reason currently valued at more than 11000 US dollars. BTC introduced the idea of cryptocurrency to the world and with new technologies like blockchain, decentralized system, digital ledger many investors believed it to be the currency for the future. We have made a list of the top investors in bitcoins.

Barry Silbert:

Barry Silbert is an American businessman, investor; the Digital Currency Group’s founder, and chief executive officer. A company that helps cryptocurrency companies launch, grow, and invest. The company has invested in nearly 125 cryptocurrencies and 2016 CoinDesk, a news agency was also acquired by the group.

Grayscale Investments manages the operation of Bitcoin Investment Trust which is an investment fund involved in the trading of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Barry Silbert also founded Second Market in 2014, a network that enables private companies and mutual funds to raise capital more efficiently and provide liquidity to stakeholders by simplifying complex investment processes, enhancing investor relationships, and checking their accreditation.

Winklevoss twins:

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are identical twins born on August 21, 1981. Both brothers sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their ConnectU idea and used it to create Facebook in 2004. In 2008, the Winklevoss brothers settled the case with Facebook for sixty-five million dollars.

Twins are the first to become millionaires by investing in bitcoins. It is reported that the twins have holdings of about 100,000 bitcoins. Other than bitcoins both brothers have heavily invested in cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETC) but didn’t disclose their exact number of holdings.

The twin brothers founded the Gemini, a digital exchange in 2015 for people to trade and invest in digital or cryptocurrencies.

Dan Morehead:

Dan Morehead is the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital, an investment company located in San Francisco that focuses on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies currencies. Pantera becomes the first investment firm to concentrate on investing and trading in bitcoin. When cryptocurrency was at a boom in December 2017 it was reported that Pantera Capital’s bitcoin funds have given twenty-four thousand percent return to its investors.

Digital Asset Holdings:

The Company is led by co-founder and CEO Yuval Rooz after former CEO Blythe Masters resigned from her post but remains as a board member, strategic advisor, and shareholder in the company. Digital Asset Holdings is a financial development corporation and works with finance companies for creating programming languages for the industry. In Series C funding company managed to raise 35 million dollars making overall investments in the company close to 150 million dollars.

All the investors and companies in this list realized the potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies possessed and invested in early stages and are sitting on huge returns right now as bitcoin values move to more than 11000 US dollars. But many experts believed that the true potential of these futuristic currencies is yet to come. If you want to invest in bitcoins you can visit bitcoin trader and start your investing in cryptocurrency for a better future.