What Are RVs & How Do They Benefit Us?


There has to be literally no one who does not dream of leaving everything, every responsibility behind, hit the road, and go on an endless road trip.

And if that is coupled with comfort and convenience, the experience just gets magnificent.

We all dream of such things but the truth is, not all of us get to live it.

Why? Because some have never-ending responsibilities while some just do not know how to maneuver their schedule and make arrangements to turn this dream into reality.

On the other hand, some of us are just passionate enough to do whatever it takes to just be on the road that takes them to places they desire to go and explore.

These are the people that are always on the lookout for things and opportunities that they can instantly grab to make their much-anticipated trip amazing.

This is where RVing comes in. RVs are basically vehicles that are big enough to include proper living quarters.

When we are looking for a trip that does not bound us and give us an insanely independent wild experience, RVing is usually the best option which is why it is considered as a lifestyle of wanderers or nomads.

But, the good thing about RV is that it provides such a broad spectrum of benefits that it can cater to almost anyone. This means that even if you are not a reckless sort of soul and like everything organized and comfortable even when you are on a road trip, the RV can give you all that.

Having said that, let’s look at the different types and benefits of RV. But, if you are looking to get in-depth details about the whole RV lifestyle, visit https://www.thewanderingrv.com/.

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Different Types of RV

RVs are mainly divided into two types: motorized and towable. As evident by their names, motorized RVs have an engine installed and can be driven independently while towable ones do not have an engine and have to be towed by a truck or other vehicle.

These two types further get down to several categories that are based on the level of quality and benefits they provide.

For example, motorized RVs are further divided into classes A, B, and C. Each of these classes represents the functioning which means class A is considered as the luxury category of RVs. Class B mostly has RVs that are more like vans in terms of size. While class C is more of a balanced approach with not too big space and not too small compartments.

Class A is undeniably the choice for those RVers who have plans to keep this lifestyle either forever or for a very long time. Since these RVs are extraordinarily big, they offer a luxurious home lifestyle in which you can have a master bedroom, all the high functioning appliances and electronics, designer furniture, and much more.

Class C has motorhomes just like class A but they offer smaller space. You can have all the luxuries here as well such as bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen, but they would be not as big as they would be in class A RVs. Class C RVs also have a distinctive front look due to cab-over; something that is not found in class A. Class C motorhomes are also good for places that do not provide enough spaces for big RVs to pass through.

The third type of motorized RV is Class B. These motorhomes are compact and agile. Their length measures between 20 to 25 feet. These RVs might appear way smaller than class A and class C but they have all the basic amenities installed strategically with folding sinks and swiveling compartments. These RVs are indisputably best for long trips in which one has to go from camping to hiking to big cities or if one is going completely solo.

Benefits of RVs

RVing is a lifestyle that has been dubbed ‘one of the best’ by many. But what makes it so amazing? Let’s look at it here.

Reduced Expenses

Once you buy an RV, start living in it and let go all your past possessions including your house, you will notice a decrease in your expenses. Before, you had to spend on your home rent along with traveling fare, but now you only have the latter to worry about.

While, RV might not go as far as reducing your expenses to zero, but they sure save you a significant amount that you can either put into your savings or utilize somewhere else.

Freedom & Unlimited Access

Imagine you have been working nonstop for days or weeks and now you just want to take a break and go somewhere you can relax, maybe a quiet countryside place or a small Greenland by the lake.

But you are bound because you have no vehicle available at the moment neither is there any public transport available at the moment, all these things frustrate you even more and you end up getting stuck in your small gloomy bedroom.

But, if you were living in an RV, this would not have been such a big problem. All you had to do, after deciding to go out to relax, was to make your way to the front of the vehicle, start the engine, and off you go to your destination.

Overall a cool lifestyle

How cool it is to just pack everything you have and go wherever you want? This is what the RV lifestyle is all about. You don’t just have the ultimate freedom in terms of moving within the city, but you can also move across the borders without any hassle of flight booking.

You live without any debt or any sort of rental obligations, and you can change your living location to any place you like. Of course, there will be some fees involved, but in no way, it would near the amount you usually spend while living in a house.

Bottom line

RVing is not only a fun and easy way of living, but it also opens a new horizon of experiences with its dynamic and mobile nature.

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