Why You Need E-Mail Sending Services for WP Managed Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting refers to a specific type of hosting that attains quite a few features to manage a WordPress site. The hosting makes the website manageable, secure, and boosts its speed. Additionally, it removes responsibility from your shoulders, offering numerous benefits to a website owner.

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However, despite the numerous benefits it exhibits, a common issue that many WordPress-managed hosting users face concerns email sending. For quite a long time, users couldn’t even understand the unresponsive behavior of their clients. It was after some time that they recognized the truth that emails were never delivered in the first place. This has lead to the increased use of email marketing software, that offers website owners more of a full-fledge solution to all their marketing needs.

There were several reasons why the emails weren’t being delivered to the clients. Some of them are:

E-Mails Were Being Sent To The Spam Folder

If you use WordPress Managed Hosting for your website and your clients complain about not receiving emails from you, ask them to check in their spam folder, because more than often, emails end up in that folder.

Configuration Of A Server

Another common reason that your client might not be receiving your emails might be due to a problem with the structure of a server. However, you can check and get it fixed instantly. Besides, a hosting server is not always designed to be used as an email server. Therefore, if you are sending e-mails in bulk, you can jump onto the following options:

    • You can use a third-party professional marketing software that isn’t an extension of WordPress.
    • You can also opt for a transactional email sending services such as SMTP alongside your WordPress newsletter plug-in. Often, it is suggested to set up STMP on your WordPress site since it offers the best plug-in. The plug-in is provided by the name of WordPress STMP plug-in that functions to deliver WordPress e-mails and offers a secure mail transfer protocol. Other reliable options in the same category include Amazon Simple Email Service that helps users send transactional emails.

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WordPress Mail STMP

WordPress mail STMP is referred to as a WordPress plug-in that functions to help you send WordPress emails while making use of the STMP server. Additionally, it also makes sure that your WordPress emails are delivered to the clients safely and securely, and above all, surely!

Why Use Email Sending Services for WP Managed Hosting

Using a reliable email sending service for WP Managed Hosting is the easiest option to fix the issues that come in the way of sure-shot delivery of the emails that you send using your WP Managed Hosting website. It also helps in the prevention of abuse concerning the host server and enhances e-mail delivery. Moreover, if you’re looking for a bulk email sender, opting for an email sending service may prove o be helpful in that area as well.

Using Email Sending Service

Most of the WordPress hosting offers an email address to businesses or organizations, which are modified by inserting a domain name. However, we advise you to set up a separate e-mail address for your site. Once you have acquired the e-mail address, you can make use of it for sending e-mails. But then again, you have to connect your e-mail address with the WordPress server. At this point, you can make use of STMP by entering credentials.

To set up the STMP plug-in in WordPress managed hosting, follow these steps listed as follows:

Step 1: First to install and activate the WP mail SMTP plug-in.

Step 2: Once it is activated, go to the website setting that leads to the WP mail STMP page.

Step 3: You will then be asked to insert your STMP settings. It will include the details related to an email address, website title, mailer info, and the box that exhibits notification and messages.

Additionally, when you are using WP Managed Hosting, you will be asked to select the option of other STMP. Enter the STMP server setting according to WordPress Managed Host. The section requires details of SMTP host, encryption, SMTP port, Auto TLS, Authentication, SMTP Username, and SMTP password.

These settings help in connecting your website with the SMTP server. But, if you are using any other hosting services, it may differ accordingly. Once you have followed all the above-mentioned steps, you are now ready to send unlimited emails while using STMP server, here you go!

The most important thing for a website owner is to establish a functional and reliable connection with their clients. One of the most convenient ways of achieving that is through emails. If your emails aren’t being delivered to the client for any reason, it may have a negative impact on your relationship with the clients. Opting for an email send service is one of the most promising solutions to this problem and hence, there’s every reason why you should give it a shot!