10 Best Tips to Increase Your Instagram Likes

Are you trying to figure out ways to increase your Instagram likes?

Surprisingly, you aren’t alone in this race. In reality, more and more brands are joining the bandwagon and flocking the gram more than ever.

In turn, this means the competition is on a rise, where everyone is trying to benefit from Instagram likes.

So, how do you increase your Instagram likes?

Instagram likes don’t cost a thing. It requires time and effort to create meaningful content. In turn, your unique content is worthy of Instagram likes and followers.

Ultimately, the goal of the photo-sharing app is to display people the best side while communicating through content, which is valued. In addition, all of this requires time, determination, and work.

Therefore, if you are ready to up the game on the gram, we have the ten best tips to enhance your graph of Instagram likes.

Users are allowed to hide the numbers on the app, but does it matter?

The answer to the above question is definitely ‘YES.’ If your brand is existent on the app, likes and following do matter.

In case you aren’t aware of what this fuss all about, let’s look back.

In 2019, a feature was introduced which doesn’t show the number of likes on a certain post. The idea behind this was to lessen the competition on the gram and help people take care of their mental health. The feature received mixed reviews. While several individuals liked the idea of being free, others took it as a feeling of left out about popularity.

Whether we can count Instagram likes or not, the algorithm on the gram works like it always has been. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if they are shown up or not. And this is why people often invest to buy Instagram views and likes.

The best tips for making people clicking on the heart icon have been discussed below:

Use Hashtags

Hashtags play a key role in increasing likes. It expands your audience significantly. Include a hashtag in your post. In turn, your post appears on the page of the hashtag. Additionally, people follow hashtags, similar to following pages. Thus, this means you can be seen on a stranger’s newsfeed without making much effort.

In case you include product or service hashtags, seasonal or acronym hashtags, or any of the location hashtags, the best practice is to keep it under 11.

Tag Related Accounts

In case you tag an influencer, collaborator, new friend, or childhood hero, the focus is towards highlighting value. Share how much you value them with your following. Additionally, in case their audience sees that as well, well so it be.

Write Convincing Captions

Whether you are up for writing a detailed caption, or you opt for a one-liner it all depends on your brand message. Long or short, captions are an important ingredient and determines the success of the post. An exciting caption adds up context and personality, convincing your following to like the post.

Therefore, don’t rush in this! Take your time. Look up at inspiration before you begin to type.

Opt for Geo-Tags

Geo-tagging your location is an effortless way for people to find you, instead, you buy Instagram views. It is even more helpful if your business is open in a brick-and-mortar location. In addition, it offers a sense of community among regular and potential customers.

Get on Board with the Exploring Page

A little magnifying glass icon points to explore the page, which caters to users with personalized content. Brands that show up on explore page can grab quite a few eyeballs.

However, the question here is how you get your brand to be featured on explore page?

In actuality, you require a high engagement rate and a community that is active more than ever.

Post at the Right Time and Day

The photo-sharing app doesn’t display posts on the news feed chronology. In fact, it favors recency. Thus, this means, if you want to enhance your count, you must know when your audience is likely upon the application.

So, what is the accurate time, exactly?

Well, in such a case, every brand includes its sweet spot. For this reason, check your analytics and insight now and then.

Run a Giveaway or Contest

Planning a giveaway or contest is likely to consume more time. However, unarguably, it is one of the efficient ways to boost up engagement in a certain time.

The keynote is to make sure the end is desirable for the viewers. But, in reality, it must attract potential fans, not an opportunist. For instance, cash, iPhone, trips are a big turn-off for the audience.

Post Striking Pictures

Let’s take photography as an art, just before it turned into a significant tool. In addition, there are not enough shots on the ‘gram.’ You have to level up the game!

For instance, instead of posting up a construction shot, you can capture the exterior alongside a natural light.

For this, take up a course, set up a budget, or level up your equipment. Figure out accordingly.

Opt For Engagement Outside Newsfeed

Every day, there is an ongoing attempt to offer people everything they wish. Therefore, the gram line up post from accounts that interact with one another.

Hence, if you wish to boost up Instagram likes, go forth and beyond. Try to be generous with likes and comments to increase your count.

Add User-Generated Content to Your Feed

Sharing of content from your following boost up the count significantly. It is surely a fire-way. It is because this is a thrill for users to appear on account of their favorite brand. Additionally, for starters, it acts as social proof to the audience. It confirms you corroborate that it’s okay to be a crazy fan.

Getting Instagram likes doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time and determination from your end. If take a proactive step like the ones listed above, you might catch more Instagram likes than ever.