10 Expert Tips for SEO for Video

As the video format increasingly becomes the most popularly consumed form of digital media online, more and more businesses are starting to take notice and incorporate it into their internet advertising strategies. After all, not only would it be a missed opportunity for a company to ignore this type of content marketing. But they’ll risk being left behind by their competitors too. And it is because of these reasons that it’s essential to have a strong video campaign and professional services from the best Chicago SEO companies.

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However, the creation of videos is just the first step. They also need to be optimized to ensure that the content rises in its ranking on both the content hosting service and the popular search engines. This is important because conversions will be impossible to achieve if the content doesn’t generate enough exposure to reel in viewers. And for those who are interested in establishing their brand by leveraging both video content and the best Chicago SEO companies, here are a few expert tips to keep in mind.

  1. Produce only high-quality video content

Success in any content marketing endeavor always begins with quality, and videos aren’t an exception to the rule. No matter how well-presented it is, it’ll fail to keep its intended audience interested if it isn’t any good. And this won’t just lead to disengagement, but it can hurt the brand in the long-term. So before publishing the content, it’s vital to ensure that the video itself is high-quality. From having options to increase its resolution to the inclusion of relevant and informative data that the target viewers will find valuable, quality videos will be a lot more linkable and shareable than those that aren’t and lead to organic growth in the process.

  1. Don’t forget mobile optimization

In the digital age of today, the optimization of video content for mobile devices isn’t just a small part of SEO, but the main focus. After all, there are a lot more people today that use smartphones and tablets for online browsing and video viewing than traditional desktop computers and laptops, with the gap seemingly widening every year. And businesses that fail to address the mobile optimization needs of their content are likely to get left behind by their competitors that do. Fortunately, giving mobile users the opportunity to enjoy the video content through their handhelds is neither as hard nor as complicated as it once was. And it usually boils down to selecting the right video hosting services.

  1. Improve the videos’ thumbnails

While thumbnails don’t usually have a direct effect on the position of the video in the search rankings, they can help attract users to view the content. An engaging and interesting thumbnail will reel in more people than those that aren’t, after all. But it’ll all depend on how eye-catching and relevant they are to their respective videos. As such, it’s important not to rely on the auto-generated image that the chosen video hosting platform provides and to customize it instead as it’ll maximize the content’s chances of attracting a lot of attention.

  1. Upload the videos on all fronts 

One of the common traps that many companies fall into is sticking to a single video hosting platform for their content. Even if the videos manage to become popular, it’ll only attract a limited user base, after all Instead, it’s usually a better approach to upload on all available platforms. By making use of multiple online streaming services, a company will boost its exposure across all digital channels. And, in turn, allow the business’ brand to grow online and widen its reach.

  1. Keep the text relevant but varied on each platform 

Publishing video content on every video hosting channel can boost internet visibility, but it shouldn’t end there. Rather than having the same description, tags, and keywords on every platform, try to keep it varied. Alterations to the text – from the target phrases to the CTAs or calls-to-actions – can have a remarkably positive impact on the rankings of the videos and give them a much better chance of reaching their target viewers than it would have had the text remained the same on all websites.

  1. Make use of captions and transcriptions 

Most videos uploaded in the popular streaming websites usually come with custom captions and transcriptions. And for very good reasons: not only do they make the content widely accessible. But in doing so, it’ll elevate the videos’ positions in the search engine rankings and create more exposure for the business. And as a result, allow the company to generate more leads and conversions.

  1. Choose the best SEO companies  

Search engine optimization might be one of the most commonly used digital marketing strategies. However, it’s a specialized task that requires the expertise of trained and experienced professionals. And to improve its chances of successfully optimizing its video content, a business needs to hire an excellent SEO agency like those from the best Chicago SEO companies for the job. It might appear like a lot of extra effort and expenditure now, but securing the services of experts will allow the company to focus on its operations without compromising its digital marketing efforts in the process.

  1. Listen and respond to comments 

Attracting viewers to watch a video is one thing. However, keeping them engaged to it is an entirely different story altogether. And if a business wants to draw more users to be more involved, it must listen and respond to their comments. Not only will this act let people know that the company values their input. But their insight may prove to be helpful in improving their content creation process for future uploads too.

  1. Stay consistent 

High-quality videos can go a long way in generating exposure for a brand. However, without consistency, it’s unlikely that a business will be able to remain relevant to its target audience. And this is why the regular production and publication of video content is essential to success. Doing so will not only satisfy the needs of the intended viewers. But it’ll help the content rank higher in the SERPs or search engine results pages.

  1. Stay on top of what the competition is doing 

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. And what produces excellent results now may not necessarily have the same effect later. But by staying on top of the competitions’ SEO video strategies, a business will know which methods work and which don’t without having to do all the legwork.

Marketing through video content is an excellent way to build brand awareness and recognition. And with these tips and the expertise of the best Chicago SEO companies, a company can boost its visibility and reach its target market.