Are you finding it hard to promote your channel and increase your audience engagement on Instagram? Using the right strategies can help you grow your brand, reach more people, generate more leads, and make more money. Here are 10 powerful Instagram marketing tips that will help you get the maximum output from the platform.

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Use Relevant Hashtags

Using popular hashtags can help you get your posts to the top of the Instagram feed. Research hashtags that are relevant to your business and avoid using generic hashtags that can make your content get lost in the crowd. Here are tips on how to use hashtags to grow your social media audience.

Interact With Your Audience

Responding swiftly to every DMs and comments you get is the key to having active and loyal followers on Instagram. Turn on your notifications to know when your attention is needed on your channel. You can also use autoresponders if you are too busy or unavailable to respond to your messages.

Go Live Frequently

This is one of the most effective strategies in our list of 10 powerful Instagram tips because it gives you the opportunity to engage your audience directly and in real-time. You can use this feature to tell your brand’s story and give your audience a peek into your personal life.

Collaborate With Instagram Influencers

Partnering with Instagram influencers can help you push your content out to a broader audience. Search for influencers relevant to your business and create strategies that will increase your brand awareness and get you more following on Instagram.

Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, Views

Are you looking for a powerful Instagram marketing tip that will get you long-lasting results in the shortest time possible? Buying real Instagram followers, likes, comments, video views, InstaStory views, and IG TV views will give your channel a boost. However, ensure you buy from reputable companies that deliver likes, views, and comments from real subscribers and not marketers that use bots.

Use Instagram Stories To Market Your Brand

Instagram stories boast of over 500 million daily users, and there are arguments that it is fast replacing the main feed. This powerful Instagram feature allows you to combine photos and videos in a single post. Leverage Instagram stories by using it to create engaging content that will make your brand seem more approachable and authentic.

Focus On Telling Stories

Don’t pitch your audience in every post! Focus on telling stories that will captivate your target audience, connect with their emotions, and inspire them to take the desired action. Use this powerful Instagram marketing tip to create experiences that will linger in the hearts of your target audience for a long time.

Promote Your Instagram Channel On Other Social Networks

Use cross-promotional tools to share your post instantly on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and more. This Instagram marketing tip can help you draw followers from your other social media profiles to your Instagram account.

Host Contests

Contest is a powerful Instagram marketing tool that you can use to generate buzz around your brand. From our experience, hosting contests can increase your engagement and get your content 4% more likes and about 64% more comments.

Add Subtitles And Captions To Your Instagram Videos

We can’t end our list of top 10 powerful Instagram marketing tips without emphasizing the importance of adding subtitles and captions to your videos. Adding captivating captions will help you get your audience’s attention while subtitles will connect your post with the people who prefer to watch videos with the sound off.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get tired or frustrated because you are not getting the desired results from your Instagram channel. Use these 10 powerful Instagram marketing tools to change your game and achieve your business goals.

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