10 tips for choosing the right engagement ring

“Don’t say no no no no no, Just say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah… Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you”

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qimono (CC0), Pixabay

Romantic music, soft lighting, one knee on the ground … That’s it, the great moment has (finally) arrived: your lover has decided to make his request! For your greatest happiness!

The problem with men is that no matter how crazy they love you, they sometimes miss the point when it comes to giving gifts.

So for the most important present of your life, no way to let him do anything! Whether you are more modern, bling-bling, minimalist, or retro, you need an engagement ring in your image. Because after all, you will keep it on your finger all your life. Well normally …

Here are our 10 best tips for choosing the right engagement ring. Read until the end to get some picture of how your future engagement ring should be.

1 – Define your budget

This is the basis! Because cuddly toy, we know he loves us but we don’t necessarily want to ruin him. So, before starting the research, he must first define his budget. It is he who will then define the choice of metal (platinum, gold, silver) and the choice of stones (diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones) that will make up the ring.

From silver combined with zirconium for the smallest budgets to the platinum/diamond combination for the larger ones, there are many possibilities. Today, buying online will give you more options to suit your budget. To be honest, a lot more than in the past.

2 – Know what you like

To point your sweetheart in the best direction and not end up with a ring that has absolutely nothing to do with our style, we try to send him subliminal little messages. Let him know if we are more attracted to modern or vintage jewelry and if we are more discreet or flashy. The ultimate test to find out if he really knows us!

3 – Learn to speak diamonds

The diamond, we know that it is beautiful and that it is a woman’s best friend, but beyond that, we are quickly in the dark. And for good reason, between the carats, the purity, the color, and the size, there is something to get lost.

Namely: the diamond’s weight is expressed in carats (CTS) and the color and clarity are given in letters. The color is noted from D, for the most colorless, to Z. The more colorless the diamond, the higher the price will be. And on the purity side, we’re talking about inclusions. The less there is, the more the diamond is pure and expensive.

4 – For small budgets, think of alternatives

If love were money, you would be rich! Because that, yes, Darling loves you and adores you. But there you go, honey doesn’t have an extensible wallet and you don’t really want him to go into debt over 30 years to buy you a ring.

Do not panic! There is a way to have a beautiful ring even on a smaller budget. For this, we focus on the alternatives: we can for example choose a cultured pearl instead of a diamond, or opt for a precious stone surrounded by a halo, a set of small diamonds of a low carat that will come back to cheaper than a solitaire.

5 – Choose the right size and shape of stone

Once you have defined whether you prefer (and whether a blanket can offer you) a diamond or a precious stone, you will now have to think about its shape. Because there are many possibilities.

Round, oval, pear, emerald, triangle, cushion, heart, princess or marquise shape… It’s up to you to define what you prefer and which will give the best effect to your finger.

6 – Evaluate the size of the stone on your finger

Apart from the budget which will play a big part in the size of the stone, you also have to think about what will fit your finger. To find out if you prefer discretion or an imposing piece of jewelry, you don’t hesitate to try different sizes to define your desires.

7 – Choose the right metal

Again, it’s all about the budget. First, we start by defining the color we prefer more silver, gold, or pink. Depending on the style of jewelry you wear most often. Small budgets will then be able to bet on silver, medium on yellow, white, or pink gold, and large on platinum.

8 – Visualize the type of wedding ring you will wear

Who says engagement, logically implies marriage. However, the engagement ring and the wedding ring are worn on the same finger (ring finger of the left hand). So, as much as the two are harmonious.

Before choosing the engagement ring, therefore, we first try to know what your wedding ring will look like, mainly for the color of the metal.

9 – See if you want to be original

Crystal diamonds? Seen and seen again! What you want is originality to match your unique personality. For this, you can turn to an original shape or a colored diamond, black being particularly trendy at the moment.

10 – Make your custom ring

If once you’ve got everything in mind and know exactly what you want, you can’t find the gem, don’t panic. Head to the artisan jeweler who will make you the ring of your dreams. This alternative is perfect because you can customize it to your liking and no one in the world will have the same as you! Custom engagement rings will be the right choice for you who want the exclusivity.

And for fans of the vintage style, you can also take a tour of auction rooms or second-hand jewelry stores to find a retro nugget that can be reworked by an artisan jeweler. It really works!

Anyway, thank you for reading!