3 Alternatives to Expensive Purchases

man in grey crew-neck t-shirt smiling to woman on counter

Saving money on products can be very difficult. There is a tendency for people to acquire bad spending habits and not want to downgrade or reduce costs. Whether that means cutting streaming services, eating out less, or cutting down on fun money, people hate cutting expenses and often find themselves going into debt.

Saving money does require sacrifice, but there are ways to do it without drastically changing your spending habits. 

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. In some stores, you can get a better deal if you buy their product in bulk. Even if they don’t offer this, typically, the larger the quantity, the cheaper it will be per item. For example, a ten-pack of fruit snacks maybe 30 cents for each pack, but 24 packs maybe 26 cents each. 

You can also save money by finding a site that offers free shipping on large orders. By placing an order online with multiple items in mind at once, you can save big. As a disclaimer, make sure it is still worth it. Bulk purchases are a waste of money if the products expire before they are used. 

Lab Created Jewelry

Trying to find a diamond that won’t break the bank? Consider lab-created diamond rings. Unlike mined diamonds, they’re created in laboratories, but they are chemically identical. A lab-created diamond begins as carbon atoms arranged in tiny crystals called “diamondoids.” 

High-pressure heat is used to manipulate these crystals until they grow together to produce large chunks of synthetic diamond material that retain typical properties, such as hardness and thermal conductivity, but keep it extremely affordable at the same time! 

The cost savings come from being able to produce these massive quantities using machines rather than relying solely on natural resources found deep beneath the earth’s surface. Additionally, since no mining needs to occur during production, there is also no environmental harm done.

Cars With a Salvaged Title

When done correctly, buying a damaged car can save you a lot of money. When a car is determined to need major repairs, it’s often given a salvaged title. When people hear this, they usually assume that the car has no value. This could not be further from the truth. 

The key is to determine how and where the damage occurred. Regardless of the actual damage, a 2015 Ford Focus with 50,000 miles and a clean record is worth thousands more than the same car with a salvaged title. 

But what if the damage was as simple as a hit to the side of the car? Although the doors and seatbelts may need replacing, the engine and overall safety of the car are likely to be just as good as the clean title. A $500 door repair can give you essentially the same car as a car that costs thousands more. This strategy is particularly useful if you have no intention of reselling the car. 


There are many alternatives to otherwise expensive products. If you still want the best of the best, or if your personal budget is limited, there’s no shame in trying out cheaper alternatives that still offer similar levels of quality and satisfaction. You might just be surprised at how much money you save!