4 reasons why People Prefer Online Casinos over Land Based Casinos

For a very long time, it has been apparent that people like to gamble. From the times of the Egyptians to the Romans to where we are now, the progression of gaming has been ever-changing. The fun associated with betting on events goes hand and hand with the enjoyment of the sport itself. While the first purpose-built casino was claimed by Venice in 1638, it wasn’t until the very early 20th century that casinos started to appear in what is known as the original capital of gambling worldwide, Las Vegas.

However, things have evolved quickly over the last century or so. Land-based casinos have had a new challenge to compete with. The advent of the internet was a game-changer, with the possibility to do pretty much anything online easily available. The surge in growth of live casino play and betting was well underway over the last few years, even before the beginning of the Covid pandemic. This has merely pushed this development a little quicker. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why online casino play increased so much.

Location is not a Factor

While most gamblers dream of one day going places like Las Vegas, or even its recent powerhouse competitor Macau to try their luck, sometimes this is just not possible. While the mystique and glamour add to these locations’ intrigue, they could be expensive trips even disregarding the money you wish to spend on gambling. Playing with online casinos means you don’t have to travel anywhere.

As long as you have an internet connection and are registered to play, you can take part in the online casino experience from wherever suits you. You could be a big jackpot winner from the comfort of your own home. These days where a lot of casinos are still closed, or open with restrictions that take the fun out of playing, it’s no wonder a lot of people are choosing to go down the online route. The fear factor of mingling with a lot of people at a casino also still weighs heavily on punters’ minds.

Choosing your own Stakes

While traditional casinos may tickle your fancy as a night out, you may have to be careful you don’t get carried away with the euphoria of being there. You could get tempted into games or situations you would normally never consider sitting at home. The problem with some of these games is that a certain amount may be required to be staked before you can play that particular game. It could be quite embarrassing if you don’t have the cash to get involved and some people simply lose interest in the figures mentioned.

Online casinos don’t really have this issue as bettors of all-size wallets are welcomed. You don’t have to be worried about being turned away if you just want to pass away your evening playing games for small stakes. No one will judge you and you can flit around looking for the best game that suits you quite comfortably and anonymously. Not everyone has money to throw away frivolously and regardless of stake size, a wins a win. Enjoyment of the game is paramount to the punter returning to the site.

The Money Factor

Gone are the days of having to rush to your local casino to place a bet. The dangers of carrying around large amounts of physical cash and the hassle of going to the bank or ATM to withdraw it in the first place can be very off-putting to gamblers. When you register for an online casino account, details of your bank account will be linked to make transactions between the two easy.

Deposits can take place almost instantly and withdrawal times, while varying from site to site and depending on the withdrawal amount requested have gotten quicker over the years. If you are lucky enough to win big, the winnings will be transferred into your account, without requiring you to do anything or go anywhere.

Appealing promotions to play online

Because of their low overheads, online casinos can offer punters promotions and deals that are simply just not available at traditional casinos. Sign-up bonuses on joining give people a chance to enjoy free play or bets while exploring the website. Bear in mind, most online sites offer these so it is possible to browse around a variety of them and take advantage of these offers.

They can also offer free bets to existing customers to keep the interest there if they feel it is waning. A common offer is to make free spins available on casino slots for example, if the player has not gotten involved in these games. Once they try these slots for free, they may possibly get hooked and the casino has another avenue in which to take the punter’s hard-earned cash.


The fact that people don’t have to travel, pandemic or not, has played a huge factor in the boom of online casino use. People have gotten lazy and the opportunity to browse odds or play games from your couch is too good to pass up for some. The fact that these people also wish to play with stakes of their choosing and not feel under obligation or pressure makes online play a winner for all involved. At the click of a button, funds can be transferred in, or hopefully out, of your account.

The range of games is also much broader online. Some casinos may focus more on table games, while others may lean towards slot machines. Fortunately, these are all available online so whatever your favorite is, you won’t have to search too hard. Some areas don’t even have land-based casinos making the choice of betting online inevitable if you are a gambler. With all the reasons listed above, maybe it’s for the best anyway. Online casinos are here to stay, so enjoy and remember to play responsibly. If you feel someone you know is in danger of developing a gambling addiction please don’t hesitate to contact Gamcare.