5 Holiday Dishes for Vegetarians

If you are after those meat-free, delicious meals this holiday season, then look further, as we have compiled a list of some of the best vegetarian dishes that are simple to make and enjoy.

silviarita (CC0), Pixabay

Hearty vegetarian holiday recipes can be every bit as satisfying as meaty dishes found on most Christmas menus. Don’t be afraid to break the mold and try something different this holiday season. You may even want to include radical ingredients such as fonio, cracked wheat, and quinoa to make those hearty vegetarian dishes even greater. We are here to help you set the perfect meatless table with a range of delicious vegetarian holiday dishes.

Each dish only requires a handful of ingredients and do not need a lot of preparation time at all. There are also several air fryer vegetarian recipes out there if you are after an extra healthy option this Christmas.

Here is a list of different holiday dishes for vegetarians each containing a range of ingredients.

Nut Roast

This vegetarian loaf is a popular option for those wanting to stick to a plant-based diet this holiday season. This nut roast is made with chestnut mushrooms, lentils, and cheese to be satisfyingly delicious.

Vegetarian Wellington

Who doesn’t love a good old beef wellington as a hearty meal in this ice-cold weather? Well, why not make a vegetarian substitute that is sure to hit the spot this holiday season. This vegetarian centerpiece is a meat-free delicious dish filled to the brim with goodness such as mushroom, beetroot, and butternut squash wrapped in fluffy pastry. The ideal dish for a celebration.

Cranberry and Lentil Bake

Another holiday favorite is, of course, cranberry sauce over the holiday season. A cranberry and lentil bake is the perfect thing to have you reaching out for seconds and even thirds! Add some roast potatoes with roasted carrots and sprouts, and you have the perfect dish for a cold Christmas day.

Creamy Baked Cauliflower

A whole baked cauliflower is sure to warm up your insides while keeping you feeling full for longer. This veggie dish is a delicious option for those wanting to stay clear of meat this Christmas season. Sprinkle some almond crumbs on top for some extra flavor and delicious crunch.

Squash and Crispy Butter Bean Pie

This hearty squash pie is sure to take center stage on any Christmas dinner table. It is a festive vegetarian dish that is full of herby flavor to please all of your senses. Even the meat-eaters on the table will be tempted to put the turkey aside and have a slice of this delicious pie!

All of these vegetarian dishes are great alternatives and substitutes to your traditional meat-filled Christmas dishes. They are super easy to make and will leave you and all of your guests feeling full and satisfied. So why not try something different this year and go for a plant-based feast this holiday season? You may never want to go back to the traditional meat feast of the past.