Best 6 Dollar Shirts Coupons & Promo Codes

T-shirts can be your fashion statement, especially when they have got the nice prints and designs on them. Branded shirts from luxurious fashion houses can only give so much, but if you are looking to make a strong statement whenever you are at events, in the mall, or meeting with friends, it is recommended to look for t-shirts with creatively designed prints that will let you have a giggle or even shed a tear.

One of these stores is 6 Dollar Shirts. Does it mean they sell t-shirts for only $6? You got it right. They sell tees for $6, $9, and $12. That will already be such huge savings on your part.

6 Dollars Shirts has over 1,500 t-shirt designs and counting. Their collection has guys tees, girls tees, kids tees, hoodies, guys tanks, girls tanks, sweatshirts, prints, and masks. They have themes from new designs to clearance. Shop today.

6 Dollar Shirts Coupons & Discounts

Promo Code Discount Expiration
SHRK2 Get Free Shipping On Your Orders Limited time
cal22 California Knows How To Party Shirt For $4 Limited time
CHK34 Chicken Pot Pi T-Shirt For $4 Limited time
SCL4 25% Off Your Order For First 20 Customers Limited time
tgvrf Take Back 10% Off Your Next Purchase Limited time
MTH132 $2 Off Struggle With Math T-Shirt Limited time
FLVR2 $2 Off One Of Today’s New Tees Limited time

Get Free Shipping On Your Orders

Use the coupon code SHRK2 to receive free shipping on your orders, for a limited time only. At 6 Dollar Shirts, there are several collections you can have. There are shirts that showcase statements on Dad Jokes, the Quarantine, Sarcastic, Gaming, Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Math, Literary, Music, and so much more.

California Knows How To Party Shirt For $4

Enable the discount today by having the coupon code cal22 so you can get the California Knows How To Party Shirt for only $4. This Christmas and holiday season, parties can be everywhere (provided they are following the health and social distancing protocols), and you need shirts to literally make a mark with your companions. Aside from the California Knows How To Party shirt, you can also have t-shirts with the wittiest designs such as “Callahan Auto Parts, “ “I’m Not The Impostor,” “I Survived 2020,” “Be-You-Tiful,” “World’s Okayest Brother,” and more. There are also spoof designs against your favorite brands and logos.

Chicken Pot Pi T-Shirt For $4

When you want the Chicken Pot Pi T-Shirt, you can even get this at a lower price with the voucher that gives it at only $4. Simply enable the code CHK34 as you purchase the item on your cart. Literally, there are several designs you can choose from. Find the shirt you want in New Designs, Science + Math, Pop Culture, Pets + Animals, Politics, Geek + Gaming, Graphics + Vintage, Sports + Wellness, and so much more. What are more discounts you can get?

6 Dollar Shirts Coupon

25% Off Your Order For First 20 Customers

Have the voucher code SCL4 ready to get your exclusive 25 percent off your order when you are the first 20 customers who sign in and purchase at

Take Back 10% Off Your Next Purchase

Cash back? Take the cue from the 6 Dollar Shirts store. Use the coupon code tgvrf to get 10 percent off your next purchase. Buy a t-shirt today, and return to enable this discount.

$2 Off Struggle With Math T-Shirt

Use the voucher code MTH132 to get your $2 off the Struggle With Math t-shirt. This is the perfect way to raise your statements to your peers, without getting too awkward. Wear this t-shirt in your college organization events, get-togethers with your school mates, or even while at home. These shirts are truly empowering and uplifting.

$2 Off One Of Today’s New Tees

6 Dollar Shirts is the revolution. With just one tap of the coupon code FLVR2, you can get $2 off Today’s New Tees.

Looking for the new arrivals at 6 Dollar Shirts? There are a lot of choices and selections. Own the new designs today, including 2020 Ugly Sweater, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Flying Branchy Jingle Pony, Elf Food Groups, and so much more.

6 Dollar Shirts is where you can find creative t-shirts for daily wear. If you are looking for shirts that are simply in style yet powerful in their statement or messages, choose to have it here on the website. Express yourself in the right way. Get started shopping right now.