6 Tell-Tale Signs You Need Foundation Repair Services


Whether you are planning to buy a new home or just want to make sure that your home’s structure is still in good condition, you need to know the signs of foundation problems.

Foundation repairs can be quite time-consuming and expensive, particularly if you are not aware of what to look for. When ignored, it can cause issues in different parts of your home that requires extensive repairs at higher costs.

With that said, here are the most obvious signs to watch out for!

1. Foundation Upheaval

This occurs when your home’s slab foundation starts to move upward. It is a sign of a serious foundation problem that requires the expertise of Kansas City Foundation Repair services.

Typically, heaving impacts the perimeter of your foundation. However, it can have an impact on your interior as well. The most common area of your home where you will see this issue is your garage wall.

2. Basement Leaks

The presence of leaks or moisture in your basement may be due to the cracks in your basement walls. These cracks occur due to the soil expanding when wet and contracting again when dry. The expansion pushes the basement wall inwards.

In addition, your basement walls may also shift due to natural causes, which added more pressure. This continued pressure and shifting can slowly weaken your concrete and create cracks causing moisture and water damage.

Mold and musty smell are usually the sign for basement leaks and require a foundation maintenance checkup.

3. Windows Sticking Out

If your windows or window jamb starts sticking out or you see cracks on your jalousie or window glass, then it could be a sign of foundation issues. The bowing of your walls may impact your windows due to the uneven pressure.

4. Unfitted Doors

In addition to windows, another sign of foundation issues is unfitted doors. The reason behind an ill-fitting door may be because of a misaligned door jamb. Like in windows, this misalignment can be due to the bowing of your home’s wall.

This can be a result of unfixed wall cracks due to a shaky foundation.

5. Wall Cracks

There are several reasons for visible cracks in your walls— both inside and outside. It can be due to high humidity or water leakage. However, if there are no leakages from your roof or you don’t live in a high humid area, then it’s possible that the cracks are caused by a problematic foundation.

These cracks happen when your foundation starts shifting— whether it is foundation settling or upheaval. And if you see the cracks become wider over time, then you really need to have it repaired ASAP! Otherwise, this can result in more damages to your home.

6. Invading Bugs

It’s normal to have a few bugs running around your home. However, when you notice that there are more bugs invading your home, then you really need to find the reason for such an increase in their population.

While there are many reasons for a pest infestation, one possibility is the increased entry points. Cracks on your walls, floors, and other corners of your home provide an easy entry for different bugs and pests.

Regardless of how hard you spray insecticides or even hire a pest control company, if you don’t fix the cracks soon, they can freely enter and populate inside.

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