6 top online games for beginners

For beginners, the world of online gaming can seem daunting. There are so many fantastic options out there and an overwhelming amount of information on what the best games are to play — whether currently, or of all time. But thankfully, there are some core games that can get you into more complex gaming over time — and are a really enjoyable experience overall.

Here are the top 6 online games for beginner players.


Arguably one of the best games of all time, Journey is a classic gaming experience that you can play both on and offline. Produced by thatgamecompany (the ones responsible for Flow and Flower) you play a mysterious character that travels through a deserted, atmospheric wasteland.

Playing online means you also get to interact with other players who are experiencing this strange world in real-time. It’s a beautiful story, a wonderful setting, and a must-play for beginners. Definitely worth a try for any newbies.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Animal Crossing franchise is one that’s been popular over the years, especially as of late with more people than ever accessing it on the Nintendo Switch. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf you play the game as a stranger showing up to a new town, where you are elected mayor. Tasks include town planning, making friends, and buying everything from toys to furniture and more.

It’s an easy and fun game to play online and a low-key introduction to multiplayer gaming where you get to socialize and enjoy this colorful setting together.

Online Slots

For fans of gambling and casino games, online slots are a great way to get involved in gaming as players will already be familiar with how the setup works. Many websites offering online slots try to make the experience as much like land-based casinos as possible — so for those that aren’t too advanced when it comes to technology, it should be a simple one to learn.

The benefit to playing online slots over the ones in casinos is the ability to play at any time of day or night from the comfort of your own home (or while on a commute, at a friend’s house and more). Most online slots are accessible through desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets through apps. And of course, online slots make a great gaming experience as you have the chance of winning real money!


For puzzle-lovers, this game is one of the best. With a huge fanbase and status as a classic, Portal is definitely one to try out for gaming beginners. Gameplay involves moving through a series of rooms (set in the very mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories) that are connected by glowing portals that become harder to pass through over time. Produced by Valve, this game has been called one of the most innovative out there and has ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews on gaming store Steam.


A fan favorite with kids and adults alike, Minecraft is set in a virtual sandbox that involves basic building blocks that allows you to create your own world of building shelter and surviving. There’s also an exciting thriving community around this game on forums and YouTube and more with advice, instructions, and players showcasing the different ways they’ve been able to be innovative or creative in this space.

This game has been used as an educational tool for coding and engineering skills in classrooms. Online multiplayer is one of the best aspects of the game so it’s a good way to get into the digital realm and have a play with something new before moving on to more complex online games.

Kind Words

This is a lovely little game. Set in a world where you send and receive letters from real-life strangers online with comforting words. You can ask for help or fulfill people’s requests with kindness — showing that we all have the power to make each other feel better in this world by asking and giving.

Available for PC, Mac, and Linux, this multiplayer game is sure to give you a boost and is one of the best examples of how the internet can improve our lives overall. At just $4.99USD it won’t break the bank, making it an absolute bargain too!