7 Examples of Bad Coupons You Will Find Online

Coupons can help people to save a large amount of money when they are on the internet.

But there are good coupons and bad coupons, so internet users have to be careful to make sure the deals they are taking are worthwhile.

Here are seven top examples of bad coupons you are likely to find online.

Coupons that do not reduce the regular price

Businesses are notorious for increasing the price of an item, then adding a coupon to make it seem as if buying it is a great deal.

Coupon users, therefore, need to make sure that they are getting good value, rather than being suckered into buying something that might still be available at a cheaper price elsewhere.

Many people get a rush out of using coupons but it is not always the best financial move.

Coupons for things you do not need

Another way people may end up spending more money than they intended is by buying something they do not need, just because they have a coupon for it.

For example, Red Lobster coupons and promo codes can help you to save a substantial amount of money if you fancy eating out.

But you could save more cash by staying at home and cooking a meal, so do not let the availability of coupons have too much of an impact on your spending decisions.

No deposit bonuses with high wagering

One of the worst value coupons available online can often be found at online casinos. These sites offer bonuses and promotions to tempt people to sign up for an account with them, rather than joining one of the many other rivals out there on the market.

No deposit bonuses are emerging as one of the most popular types of deal from online casino sites but they often come with high wagering requirements in their terms and conditions.

Due to the fact the bonus money has to be gambled a certain number of times before it is available to be unlocked, this can make it very hard to turn a profit from the offer.

You can avoid this problem by choosing casinos which have no wagering requirement. Doing so will increase the chances of being able to make money as a new online casino site customer.

Buying in bulk with coupons

Coupons often encourage people to buy in bulk as the deal may only come into effect when you purchase a certain number of items.

This can be worthwhile if it is something you are definitely going to use, but often it is a product that might go off or be out of date before you have the chance to use it.

Many coupon users find buying in bulk to be very tempting, but this is not an ideal option for those who have limited storage space in their homes.

Overspending through coupon usage

Using coupons does not necessarily mean that people are actually saving money online.

Indeed, one piece of research has found that those who use coupons actually end up spending more money in each transaction they make.

This may be because they feel they are saving money through the use of the coupon and are therefore more willing to splash the cash on other items.

Coupons that lead to unnecessary upgrades

Most of us probably cannot tell the difference between a cheap tomato ketchup and a branded product that might cost a significant amount more.

It might feel like a smart move to use a coupon for the branded product, but if it still works out more expensive than the cheapest option it might still be classed as unnecessary spending.

The best plan of action for coupons is generally to only use them on items you were planning to buy anyway, otherwise you might find your shopping bill actually increases.

Coupons that are illegal or counterfeit

The rise of the internet has resulted in a spike in counterfeit coupons.

A few years ago, a man named Lucas Townsend Henderson who was known online as ‘The Coupon Guy’ was charged with counterfeit coupon related crimes.

He was accused of giving out counterfeit coupons, as well as teaching people how to make their own illegal coupons.

People should therefore take time to make sure the coupons they use are legitimate.