7 Sales Tips to Start Off Your Holiday Season as a Retailer

a close up of a christmas tree with ornaments

The holiday season is in full steam, and it is the peak time for retailers. So, you need to make the best use of these months and make as many sales as possible. However, everyone else will also be doing this, so you’ll have a lot of competition. If you don’t strategize your holiday sales, then you won’t really get any results. 

So, a proper sales and marketing strategy is a must for the holiday season. You should make one a few months in advance and get the packaging, shipping, and other factors in order. In addition, you should offer some attractive discounts for occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, and the coming New Year. Once you have things planned and in order, you should market your holiday sales. Here are a few ways you can do this. 

Create sales posters 

You need to market your sales as widely as possible. In addition, you have to do this in an eye-catching way. Posters will help you give the details about your sales in an appealing manner. 

Use the templates for sales posters on PosterMyWall to make these. This way, you won’t have to worry too much about the layout and design. You can just put in your text, and replace the images in the template with your own. Share these posters online, and also print a few out to put in public areas around town. 

Make holiday gift guides

Many people want to get as much of their gift shopping done as possible from one place. You need to show your customers you are in that one place. So, make a gift guide that shows how you have something for a variety of gifting needs. 

Highlight special products and discounted pieces in this gift guide, and let people know who they can get these for. Give a few options for each category so that your customers make as many purchases as possible from your store.  

Design seasonal landing pages

Your website should showcase your holiday sales in the best way possible. So, make a landing page for the holiday season and also add some festive elements and banners to your home page. Create separate tabs for each occasion’s sales, and arrange the products accordingly. 

In addition, add some sentimental content to reflect the holiday spirit. Write about how you appreciate your customers and wish to grow with them even further. These seasonal landing pages will help highlight your holiday sales.

Run giveaways or competitions

The holidays are the best time for giveaways and contests. Run a social media campaign where you announce the prizes and let people know what to do to participate. You can have them share photos related to your products and award the most liked ones, or do a lucky draw. 

You can even make this an in-store event, where people can come in and play games to win some prizes. These prizes can be something as small as a gift card or a gift basket, so you can award multiple people as well. 

Involve the local community

Your local community matters a lot when it comes to holiday marketing. Look at important causes around your area, and see how you can partner with them. Either donate part of your sales to these charity causes or have your customers involved in a volunteering run. 

This will show that you value your local community and give back to it. This will not only make you more popular in the area but will also make people good about buying from you. 

Make exclusive holiday edition products

Create a series of holiday edition products for this year. Either update your packaging with holiday colors or make special one-off products. If you make something like scented candles, make a few holiday-specific scents for Christmas etc. 

Market these products as limited editions so that people feel that they need to get them before you run out. Make sure you let them know that these will only be available for a short time so that they don’t hesitate with their buying decisions. 

Set up your email campaigns

You should set up an email campaign to market your holiday season sales. Wish people happy holidays and show how you appreciate their support for your business. Then, share that you are showing your appreciation with some great holiday deals. 

Automate your email workflows according to your email lists for the best results. Also, focus on your subject lines so that people actually want to open their emails. 

To sum up, there are some simple tactics you can follow to make your holiday season sales successful. You need to be persistent with your efforts, and you’re sure to take your company to the next level.