7 Ways to Feel Safer at Home

Our homes are supposed to be the place where we feel most safe.  These buildings protect us while we sleep and are where we build our lives. However, building confidence in your property can be difficult.  If you want to feel safer where you live, there are some steps you can take to encourage that trust in your surroundings gradually.

Monam (CC0), Pixabay

Here are the best things to try.

Ensure Your Windows and Doors Lock Well

The first step in home security is ensuring that it feels like it would be harder to break in than necessary.  This means checking your windows, doors, and garage doors to ensure that everything closes tightly and that the locks work.  If you notice any faulty locks or seals, you can fix this inexpensively. Next, ensure that every entrance is locked when you’re not using it.

Avoid Leaving Street-Visible Windows Uncovered At Night

Unfortunately, this may feel like you’re blocking yourself from the world, but leave street-facing windows closed and covered at night.  Unfortunately, when it’s dark outside, if your windows are lit up, it’s easier for people to see inside and gauge if your property is worth breaking into or robbing. Therefore, if you want privacy, you must avoid allowing people to see in.

Put In A Privacy Fence

A privacy fence can get rid of a lot of anxiety.  Although they can only be placed around the back of your home, they’re far harder to get into, and people who would try to break in will quickly be dissuaded since they can’t see over the fence to see what’s going on over the other side.

Get A Doorbell Camera System

If peepholes in your door aren’t doing it for you, and you want to ensure your property is safe even when you’re not home: get a doorbell camera system.  These camera systems allow you to watch what’s going on from your phone and keep up to date if anyone pulls into your driveway or approaches your door.

Find The Right Security System For You

Consider investing in one of the many good home security systems out there.  Many of these come with the doorbell camera system, and others include window and door motion sensors.  The important thing is to consider what entrances you’re worried about and ensure that something is there to stop anyone from coming in without your permission.

Install Bright Exterior Lights

Thieves worry about getting caught more than anything else.  If they’ve done this before, they’ll want to avoid getting caught because it means there will be multiple hits on their record.  Having floodlights, whether they’re motion sensor-based or timed, will give you the chance to light up your lawn and keep anyone who enters your property in the spotlight.

Become Friends With Your Neighbors

The best security system is a community that’s watching out for you.  Become friendly with your neighbors and get to know them.  Let them know that you’ll keep an eye out for their property, and they will offer to do the same for yours.  This can keep everyone aware of any suspicious behavior and will protect you.