8 Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Parties

So, you’re engaged and it’s time to host an engagement party. While there might be a lot involved in planning an engagement party, you should be able to have your party underway with the answers to a few vital questions. Important questions like when to host the party, whom to invite and such are preludes to hosting such an event.

We’ve put together a few of these questions and their corresponding answers, to help couples in this aspect of their journey. With this collection of tips, it should be easy to move on to the next stage of things to do after getting engaged. So, allow us assist you; find out the answers to some of your biggest questions on engagement party planning.

When should we have our engagement party?

If you’re wondering how to plan an engagement party or even when to hold it, you should know that you can have your engagement party whenever you like. There is nothing set in stone, it is only advised to have it at least 6 months before your wedding so you have enough time to plan. Since engagement parties are usually with family and friends, it’s a casual affair that can be planned and held exactly how and whenever you like.

Where should we host the engagement party?

If you’re looking for where to hold your engagement party activities, you won’t need to look very far. Locations like your home, backyard, a local park for a picnic, your favorite restaurant or hotel, are all suitable venues for an engagement party.

Who do we invite to our engagement party?

While tradition dictates that everyone invited to the engagement party should also get an invitation to the wedding, not everyone is as traditional. It is ultimately up to the couple to decide who attends either event. Sometimes, your engagement party entertainment ideas and engagement party to do list can give a clue as to who can and cannot attend your engagement party.

You could choose to invite only your immediate family to your engagement party, or a larger crowd. You could also have a larger guest list for the engagement if you are planning on having a smaller intimate wedding for only close family and friends.

Do we need to have decorations?

Engagement party venues might need decoration or not, depending on how elaborate the event will be. A minimalist affair might not need any décor; same with an at home, laid back, intimate celebration. As mentioned earlier, this is all up to the couple. As long as it is all within budget, alongside engagement party photography, catering and other necessities, you should do fine.

What food and drinks should we provide at our engagement party?

From a cocktail type event to a mini buffet, to even a food truck, there is no set menu or way to cater for your engagement party. When considering food for your engagement party checklist, your guestlist will be a good guide. Think of what they would like in relation to the theme and location of the venue. These factors will be great guides when choosing either a BBQ, potluck or formal dinner for your engagement party. For drinks you can have a full formal bar or beer taps, depending on the formality of the event.

Should we have a cake?

When considering things to do at an engagement party, some couples decide to have a cake, complete with cutting of the cake if they like. As usual, this is completely up to you and what you would like. Some other couples make things a little more creative and have a dessert buffet or a gelato cart for some added sweetness.

What should we do for entertainment?

The main entertainment for most engagement parties is music. With the right music you can set the type of ambiance you desire and may not need to wonder what to do at an engagement party. You could also take it a step further and add things like a ring hunt, trivia quiz or bridal bingo in the mix. You and your guests will be able to have fun, relax and catch up while you celebrate.

What should we wear?

Smart casual is the usual choice for engagement parties. If you have a cute outfit you’ve been dying to wear, this might be your opportunity. There is usually no strict dress code for an engagement party, however if you will be having a costume affair or formal event, you could share a dress code for your guests.

The most important thing to remember when planning an engagement party, is that you and your guests should have fun. It is a celebration, and not necessarily a strictly formal one. Time to sit back, relax and have fun, before the wedding planning begins.

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