Top AE Promo Codes & Coupons


How often do you use coupons?

You can save even up to 60% by using coupons. American Eagle has so many coupons and discounts for their customers. They want to make sure you enjoy their product and save some cash to shop another day.

The best part is the process of getting coupons is simple. Visit their site every time before shopping to check the available discounts and coupons.

To make it easy for you, below are the available coupons at this time. Go through the coupons and choose the one that fits your need perfectly.

AE Promo Codes

60% off

Get a 60% discount when you use the coupon code “074921N1” when you purchase anything on the American Eagle site. The deal gets better as after the 60% discount you get to enjoy two-day free shipping on products above $75. The deal is up for a limited time. Grab the chance now and enjoy the discount. To get the code right, make sure you copy it from the site and paste it when you are purchasing.

Another 60% discount

There is something for everyone. Visit their site and check the items on clearance and enjoy the 60% discount. The deal has limited time, so the earlier you visit the site, the better. You don’t need a coupon code to get the deal. Make sure the item you choose is on the clearance list, and the discount will reflect directly.

Summer 60% swimsuit discount

Upgrade your summer wardrobe by purchasing a summer swimsuit at a 30% to 60% discount. The deal applies to all swimsuits. To get the discount, you don’t need a coupon code as the discount reflects directly when you purchase. Grab the chance now as it is still on and enjoy shopping. To get more details on the deal, visit their site.

50% Discount on jeans and shorts

Shopping is exciting, especially when you are spending half of what you could have initially spent. Visit the American Eagle site, purchase one pair of jeans or shorts, and get the next at a 50% discount. The discount is up for a limited time, hurry to get the deal. You don’t need coupons to get the deal as the discount reflects directly after your purchase.

50% Discount plus free shipping

AE Promo CodeWhere else do you get such a deal? Get a 50% discount when you purchase jeans and shorts and enjoy free shipping. All you have to do is make your order and use the coupon code “SPRINGSHIP” when making the order to get the discount. Always confirm you have written the coupon code correctly to get the deal. Grab the chance now and enjoy shopping at half the price.

40% Discount on footwear and accessories plus free shipping

Get a 40% discount on footwear and accessories and free shipping on items worth $50. The deal is open for all customers as long as you use the coupon code “YAYSHOES”  when purchasing. Make sure the code is correct when you write it. To make sure you get it right, copy it and paste it when purchasing.

30% Off

Enjoy a 30% discount on Aerie Bras and Bralettes. This deal is simple, and every customer can enjoy it. Visit their site select the bras you want and purchase. The discount will reflect automatically as you don’t need any coupons. To get more details on the deal, visit their site. Shop now and enjoy the discount as the deal has an expiring date.

25%  Discount

Save greatly with American Eagle by shopping with them at a 25% discount when you order.   use the code “BTS25” and get the discount. The offer is up for a limited time. Make sure the code is correct to get the discount.

20% Off

It’s okay to treat yourself to a new outfit after a long hard work, especially when you can get the outfit at a discount. Using AE promo code “247073l” you will purchase all the items at a 20% discount. Visit their site, select the item you are interested in and use the promo code when you purchase to get the discount. The discount is valid to the customers with the American Eagle credit card.

$30 Off your order

Your shopping experience is better when you use the coupons by American Eagle. A good example is where they give their customers $30 off on any order when they use the promo code “MOREWKND” when purchasing. The offer is open to all their customers as long as they use the code correctly. The deal is up for a limited time, so if you want to enjoy the discount, now is the best time to purchase.

15% Off on birthday

Is today your birthday? Lucky you, American Eagle has a 15% discount for their customers who have birthdays. Visit their site or store and purchase anything you wish at a 15% discount. To get the deal, you don’t need a coupon code as long as it’s your birthday; the discount will reflect automatically.

10% Discount on signing up

Have you signed up using your email to get the American Eagle newsletter and other news related to the store? If you haven’t, this is the perfect time to sign as you will get a 10% discount on your next purchase. Apart from that, there are more offers and discounts that you will get to know and enjoy when signing up.

Free shipping

The only stress you get from online shopping is the extra shipping cost that comes with it. American Eagle is taking the shipping fee stress from you by offering free shipping. The free shipping applies to orders above $50. You don’t need a coupon code to get the free shipping deal. Shop now and enjoy the free shipping deal.

Free  online return policy

Did you purchase something online from American Eagle, and didn’t like it, or didn’t fit well? You can return the item for free. This is to make sure all their customers are satisfied and don’t have to worry about getting something they don’t like. To get more details on the deal, visit their site.

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