All You Need To Know About 22bet Bonus Code

One of the most common features of betting sites in the Philippines is the bonus code. Bonus codes are of different types depending on the selected bookmaker. This article features Mightytips betting expert, Evelyn Balyton as we uncover the myths surrounding the 22bet bonus code.

What Is A Bonus Code?

Bonus codes are forms of promotional offers and rewards given to sports bettors by sportsbooks and bookmakers. They may come in different forms such as free bets, money back options, welcome bonus and deposit offers. The rationale behind issuing bonus codes to sports bettors is to reward them for their loyalty and patronage. Thus, it’s not unusual for a sportsbook to offer you promotional offers and deposit bonus upon registering.

Sometimes these bonuses apply automatically, while other bookmakers may require you to enter a coupon code to redeem the bonus. Some other bonus options come into play when bettors attain a particular milestone such as betting amount or odds. In addition to these, the bonuses usually come with an expiration period. That is, you must use the bonus or promotional offer within a particular time frame.

The 22bet Bonus Code

The 22bet bonus code is one of the ways in which new 22bet customers in the Philippines can obtain a bonus for creating an account with the sportsbook. This bonus code qualifies customers for a 100% welcome bonus. The offer is available to all new 22bet customers and is continuous. That is, regardless of when you sign up, the bonus offer will be available to you, provided you comply with its prerequisites.

Like most bookies, the 22bet bonus code has certain terms and conditions which must be complied with before bonuses are activated. One of such conditions is opting in for bonus offers during registration. A failure to do this will result in the unavailability of bonus offers on your betting account, even if you enter bonus codes.

Frequently Asked Questions About The 22bet Bonus Code

Given its position as one of the trusted bookmakers in the Philippines, bettors are always on the lookout for the 22bet bonus code to augment their betting experience. For instance, you’d be livid if your friend were to get a 100% welcome bonus you missed out on, won’t you? This is why we’ve highlighted and answered some of the top questions about the 22bet bonus code below.

How Do I Qualify For The 22bet Welcome Bonus?

While getting the 22bet bonus code may be as easy as performing a google search, misapplying or not knowing how to use the bonus code could prove costly. To qualify for the 22bet 100% welcome bonus, you’ll have to opt-in for bonus offers and enter ‘50SPORT’ as your promo code when creating your account. This is important as you could miss out on exclusive deals for not opting to receive the bonus offers.

Activating The 22bet Bonus Code

Once you’ve entered the ‘50SPORT’ bonus code during registration, your account becomes eligible for the 100% welcome bonus. However, this welcome bonus is only activated when you deposit into your account. To activate your welcome bonus offer, you’ll have to deposit at least PHP 631.59 into your betting account. Once the deposit has been received, 22bet will immediately reward you with a 100% bonus in staking amount.

How Long Does The Welcome Bonus Offer Last?

The 22bet 100% welcome bonus has a validity period of 30 days. This means that you’re required to use up the bonus amount on bets before the 30 days lapse. If you’re unable to use up the bonus amount before the expiry date, the remaining bonus amount is lost.

Does The 22bet Bonus Code Work Outside The Philippines?

The 22bet bonus code ‘50SPORT’ is only available to 22bet customers in the Philippines. This is because bookmakers usually offer different bonus codes per region or country. Thus, it’s normal for bonus codes to be restricted to localities.

What Are The Advantages Of Using 22bet In The Philippines?

Some of the features that make 22bet attractive to Filipino bettors include the following;

  • 22bet allows its users an opportunity to use several payment options including Skrill, Paypal, MasterCard, Bitcoin amongst others.
  • The bookmaker has a low minimum deposit compared to other betting hubs in the Philippines. This allows Filipinos an opportunity to make profits off small stakes.
  • 22bet has a wide array of betting markets and sports.
  • Users are also treated to competitive odds.

The above are just some of the eye-catching features of 22bet. A more detailed review of the bookmaker, as well as its terms and conditions, are available on the Mightytips Philippines website.


The 22bet bonus code is a good avenue for Filipino bettors to increase their chances of making profits through a 100% welcome bonus. Instead of being limited to your initial deposit amount, you can stake higher and place more bets through the bonus offer received via the 22bet bonus code.