Beginner’s Guide for Choosing Bonuses While Gambling 

Why Do You Need Bonuses

Bonuses in gambling are a sort of encouragement for players to try something new, stay motivated and interested in the game, along with being a lighthouse for all newcomers to a specific gaming platform.

And it works for any casino with any payment system, for example, Neosurf casino or crypto casino.

The market of online casinos is constantly updating, new and new platforms appear, making the competition increase year by year. That is what makes bonuses and other promotional offers more creative and unique every time – they try to win your attention. And for a beginner, it is often tough to determine which bonuses are worth your watch and which are just an appealing bubble.

Gambling platforms usually try to make these small gifts to players, creating pleasant conditions when even a loss can bring some kind of bonus. The main focus is, of course, on welcome bonuses, as they are likely to be the reason why the majority of players choose one casino over another—everyone likes to get as many free spins and deposit bonuses just for registration. This does not negate the fact that all the variety of bonuses is marketing tricks to attract more players. But you should understand that even so, you remain in the black because you get a chance to get rich for free.

Let’s now move to the more practical part. The first thing you should do before choosing a casino with a bonus is to make sure that this gambling place is an honest and trustworthy platform. Next, you need to figure out which bonus is worth using. There are several types that will be described in more detail later.

Let’s just say for now that there are deposit and no deposit promotions. The first ones are issued when replenishing an account in an online casino; the second ones are activated, as follows from their name, without depositing money. Of course, the second option is preferable, because you do not have to risk your money. And the third step is paying attention to the form of crediting the bonus. It can be immediately transferred to the user’s active gaming account or remain on a special promo balance. In the first case, you can directly use your funds for the game. In the second one, your funds will first go to the main account, and, therefore, they can be withdrawn only after wagering.

Bonus Types

Nowadays, there are plenty of various bonuses, promo codes, and enticing promotions, and their number is only increasing year by year. So to stay updated and be sure to choose and use the right one, you need to study them first carefully.

Here are the main types of bonuses, which are the most popular and in-demand in many online gambling establishments:

No Deposit Casino Bonuses (Welcome Bonuses)

With this bonus, the player receives some profit immediately after a successfully completed registration procedure. It can be extra money, free spins, free play, or a bonus percentage of slots matches with higher chances to win.

Extra money is a good choice because the player can use it in a variety of games (if the bonus rules allow). Free spins make it possible to play only slots, but then the winnings can be scrolled in other entertainments, like roulette, blackjack, or poker, for example. Free spins and a symbolic amount to a deposit account are what can bribe users and motivate them to register on a particular gambling platform.

If you intend to register a personal account in an online casino anyway, then it’s worth choosing something that will offer the player the most favorable conditions from the start. It may seem that the most profitable type of bonus is no deposit bonus of any kind, but you should remember that they are given mostly only once, and after you use them all – there is a time for other bonuses to be your motivators and power-ups.

Deposit Casino Bonuses

There are several deposit bonuses, usually named after the number of the deposit made, like first deposit, second deposit, etc. With each following replenishment, the percentage of the deposit decreases. The first deposit bonus is basically 100% of the amount. Its advantage is that the larger the deposit, the larger the bonus will be, which means that the chances of achieving a positive result in the casino are much higher. They allow you to increase the amount of money in the deposit account, and hence the amount to be played. In some cases, deposit bonuses can be supplemented with free spins.

Referral Bonuses

It is the encouragement you get when recommending other people join an online casino where you are already a member. It usually goes like this – you are given a code that new referred players should use when signing up. Once the new member joins using this code, you automatically receive the referral bonus in your account.

Occasional Bonuses (Birthday Bonus, New Year Bonus, etc.)

These are bonuses that online casinos offer to existing and active players on various occasions. They can be different – from free spins to free chips on any casino game. Usually, you get a notification on your email address and can find these bonuses in your personal account then.

Weekly or Monthly Cashback

Cashback is a return of a certain percentage of invested funds. There is a common opinion that cashback is for those who are not lucky. Every player now and then has bad days, and, in order to prevent a person from leaving the casino site in a bad mood, many platforms offer comfort bonuses in the form of free spins or certain funds percentage cashback from a loss to a bonus account.

As you can see, there are a lot of types of bonuses, and you are not limited to choosing only one of them. So, before using this or that bonus offer from any gambling establishment, you should first carefully study all the conditions and restrictions to see what suits you better.

Bonus Conditions

The first thing you should pay attention to is wagering. It is the amount that you will have to turn off to be able to withdraw winnings from the bonus. The most acceptable value is x10-x30. Please note that when it comes to no deposit promotions, the wager is usually overly high – from x50 to x100, which almost excludes the chance of winning back and withdrawing funds. Yes, it is a special trick for those who don’t read terms and conditions carefully, but at least you risk nothing.

It is worth considering what the wagering applies to, only the bonus amount or the deposit + promo. It can be a crucial point, as the wager may seem highly attractive, for instance, x20, but working with the deposit + promo scheme, then the probability of its successful spinning is sharply decreased.

Finally, take a look at how the bonus contribution works, in other words, where you can wager it. Very often, casinos limit the possibility of wagering the wager only to slot machines, deleting blackjack, roulette, and other entertainment.

How to Find the Most Appealing Bonuses?

You can look for them in large or completely new casinos. The first one is already established in the market and can give out delicious rewards, while the second, on the contrary, are just entering the gambling industry, and therefore they strive to lure the audience with the most profitable options. In addition, you can go to a special site to find detailed reviews of the promotional offers of the most popular gambling establishments.