Best And Practical Mattress Tips For Saatva


Mattress shopping can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you’re not quite sure about what you want to purchase. The only sure thing about a bedding-heist is that you should know what size you need for your bed (we’re hoping that you do, or you can refer to Saatva’s mattress dimension table). As for the rest? We very often go on a whim when finally swiping your card for some good ol’ matting.

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Saatva Buying Tips

1. Try It Before You Buy It. For Real

It’s laughable when you see it on T.V., characters rolling over mattresses that are on display at the mall. But the fact is that that is exactly what should be done when you’re mattress-shopping. Try it out, right there and then.

This isn’t to say that you’re allowed to jump on them willy-nilly. Not at all! Remember, if the item becomes damaged, you’ll end up having to pay for it. But beyond that, there’s really no other resort to this step.

You will be sleeping on it for a number of hours every single night (or day, if you work the night shifts). It’s what can make or break your slumber, which is crucial to providing your body with respite and helping it recuperate for the next day’s work.

Don’t skip this. It should be as comfortable for you as can be whether you lay on your back or on your sides.

2. Firmness Or Plushness?

After doing your best not to feel awkward when trying out mattresses, decide on whether you want one that’s firm or one that’s plush. This is a personal bedding preference so there’s no right or wrong answer for this buy.

A plush matt make will give you that oozing doze of being able to sink into it and sleep. On the other hand, a firm mattress can help with putting less strain on your lower back, if you suffer from chronic back pain.

Again, step 1 can give you an idea of whether to select a firm or a plush bed-matt from Saatva.

3. Know Your Mattress

Know about the basic mattress types. This might narrow down your options and aid you in better understanding what type of mattress will be suitable for your bedroom. Here’s a quick rundown:

Hybrids are a mix of spring and foam, with foam available in latex or memory. Innersprings are the most common and the most economical, with a firmness scale you can choose from. Memory foams follow the contour of your body to aid with joint and muscle pain. Next, air mattresses are customizable, at a price (once you pay for the mattress). But it’s certainly worth its value. And lastly, latex foams are an alternative to memory foams, with less of that body-hugging contour the latter provides.

4. Coupon It Up!

Grab as many Saatva coupons as you can! There are online platforms that offer generous discounts for items from the brand. Even ones that aren’t available on the Saatva website itself.

You’ll need to be on the lookout though. Saatva coupons go very quickly. That’s why you should check over here to view the latest coupons Raise is offering. Also make sure to turn the notifications on from your coupon supplier for you to be instantly updated when Saatva vouchers are ready for the taking.

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