Best Genres To Stream In Summers On Popular Platforms

Are you looking for some great options to stream on OTT platforms? Indeed, millions of entertainment content in varied genres is available to stream in summers and have unlimited fun. Right from fiction to nonfiction, and comedy to thriller, there are indeed plenty of choices available.

Evidently, with the improvement of the online entertainment platforms, the ease of choice and access has improved a great deal. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to unblock streaming services with ScreenBinge, and enjoy premium content without any hassle.

But do you know about the top genres to stream and the best platforms that can offer you seamless enjoyment? So, let us have a quick peep to know more about the same.

Top Streaming Platforms

Streaming services are definitely in demand, with digital streaming increasing practically every day. While a few platforms are free to use, there are various that demand subscription to access the content.

The popularity of internet streaming applications and websites is sweeping the television business. People are increasingly choosing these services over television because they provide more fantastic content, exclusive series and movies, and speedier premieres.

The best and the most popular streaming platforms are:


The first and the most popular one, Netflix, offers the best quality display and content. The original content available on the platform is quite exclusive and entertaining. The platform can be accessed after subscription only.

Amazon Prime

Next on the list of the most popular streaming platforms is Amazon Prime. The OTT platform is offered by the retail giant Amazon and offers a great collection and easy subscription. It comes with many benefits like Amazon Prime delivery, exclusive deals, and ad-free music.


Hotstar is a Star Network internet streaming service that offers movies, programs, and live sporting events. If you want to watch the Indian Premier League or the English Premier League, Hotstar is the place to go. Additionally, there is a premium subscription that allows access to Disney with Hoststar.


One of the most common and well-known streaming platforms is Youtube. The platform is especially famous for videos. But there are various movies available on the platform. Though the platform is available for free, one can even get a premium membership to enjoy the exclusive benefits.


It provides on-demand access to old and new TV programs and films. Hulu now has a Live TV option, which allows users to watch live broadcasts of over 60 TV stations. There are three subscription options available on the platform.

Features To Look For While Selecting The Platform

Although there are various platform choices available for the user, it is essential to know the factors that make an online streaming platform better. The most important factors to consider while selecting one include:

  • Quality of the streaming in respect to video and sound.
  • Ease of use to search for the content.
  • The option to have a free trial period.
  • Range of the content available in both breadth and depth.
  • The level of security offered.
  • Subscription charges to be paid.
  • The customer support offered.

Once you have selected the platform, now is the perfect time to select the genre to watch.

Top Genres To Stream In Summer

When it comes to genres, there is literally an immense option to look for. Whether you are looking to binge watch or are just planning to relax hot weather will impact your choices, these genres are going to be the perfect selection for you:


Indeed the best choice to make, this can be like slapstick comedy, satire comedy, screwball comedy, and more. Offering the hilarious viewer moments to laugh their hearts out, the genre is one of the most-streamed ever.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

On streaming services, science fiction and fantasy shows are pretty popular. The fantasy and science fiction genres encompass everything from time travel to sword battles to paranormal, extraterrestrial encounters and may vary from historical epics to dystopian sci-fi noirs.


Indeed, there is no match for sitcoms. The situational comedy shows that are light-hearted and shot on static sets are really blissful. The story usually revolves around a group of friends, family, or an office.

Romantic comedies

Also known as RomComs, this is one great genre to binge watch in summers. Romantic comedies, like sitcoms, get their laughs from the oddities of love. Although rom-coms have a loyal fanbase, they don’t always have the same market share as sitcoms.

Thriller and Suspense

If you love mysteries and puzzles, this is perfect for you. Tightly intertwining the story between hope and anxiety builds quite a significant amount of interest. With various twists and turns, this is a genre that usually attracts a lot.

Action Adventure

A genre that involves rigorous and dangerous activities and adventures that is energetic and thrilling comes under the genre. The genre focuses on quests, explorations, travels, struggles, and challenging and entertaining situations.

Supernatural Horror

For all those who wish to binge on something horror but are scared, this is indeed the perfect choice. It combines the horror elements like a few jump scare scenes with supernatural elements like demons, but in a perfectly artistic manner.

Investigative Mystery

If you are into detective and mystery stories, this is a perfect genre for you. These kinds of mysteries usually focus around homicide and a detective who attempts to solve the case using clues.


Comparatively a genre that is least considered but has a great fanbase. It includes comic books, video games, cinema, and television. Simple storylines for children are the subject of particular anime. Other anime focus on edgy topics aimed at teenagers and adults.

Typical Drama

Storylines with high stakes and conflicts characterize drama. They’re narrative-driven, and every character and scene must advance the plot. They generally include emotionally charged characters presenting real-life circumstances or severe conditions.

Though there are various genres to stream in summer, it is essential to select the one that suits your choice. Make sure to go for an online platform that offers seamless streaming with quality content. So, find your genuine interest and select the genre; there is immense entertainment content available on the online platforms to keep you entertained for the whole summer.