Best Internet Options For Rural Areas

If you feel slightly flustered at the sight of a lack of options in the internet service providers given below, then well we would like you to understand that when it comes to high-speed internet availability, the rural areas of the country still have a long wait for basic coaxial cable internet connections to come and an even longer wait for something that even remotely resembles fiber optic technology.

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When it comes to bringing the very best to our readers, we leave no stone unturned and so we brought you the very best internet service providers in the following categories: DSL Internet, Coaxial Cable Internet, and Satellite Internet.

Listing Down The Best Internet Options For Rural Areas

  • CenturyLink Internet – Best Option For DSL Internet In Rural Areas
  • Xfinity Internet – Best Option For Coaxial Cable Internet In Rural Areas
  • Viasat Internet – Best Option For Satellite Internet In Rural Areas

Comparing The Very Best For Rural Areas Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Provider Starting Monthly Price* Maximum Download Speeds The Type Of Connection To View Plans
CenturyLink Internet $49.00 per month* 15 Mbps – 100 Mbps DSL * Insert Link *
Xfinity Internet $19.99 – $64.99 per month* 15 Mbps – 250 Mbps Cable * Insert Link *
Viasat Internet $30.00 – $150.00 per month* 25 Mbps – 100 Mbps Satellite * Insert Link *

All The Type Of Internet Option For Rural Areas

When it comes to finding an internet service provider or in fact just an internet connection in the remotest of areas of the United States it can be very limited when it comes to finding the right option, forget option, it can become ever so difficult to even find any decent internet connection.

  • Dial-Up Internet
  • Coaxial Cable Internet
  • Cellular Hotspot
  • DSL Internet
  • Satellite Internet

When it comes to rural areas, coaxial cable internet is the one that is the most readily available, and after that DSL and then Satellite Internet.

What ceases to amaze us still is the fact that we have just entered the year 2021 and Dial-Up internet is still a thing. It’s completely okay if you don’t know what that is since it was popular at a time when smartphones didn’t even exist.

Lastly, cellular hotspots which can become very pricy in the long run are also available in some areas of the rural district.

So Where Do We Stand Now

Rural area and technology are two words that hardly make sense in a sentence, however, when you add Xfinity Internet into the sentence, well then things completely change, don’t they? Xfinity Internet, by far, has the best level of technology in the better parts of the United States rural areas than any other internet service provider out there. It just doesn’t end there with Xfinity Internet, the company also has on offer absolute high-speed internet, and that too at a much reasonable price.

One little thing that we would like to add here is that Xfinity does indeed top the list here as a coaxial cable internet service provider but when it comes down to a pure comparison between coaxial cable internet providers, then Spectrum Internet really does give Xfinity Internet a tough time in the areas where both of the service providers are available or provide service. If you would like to check out America’s second-largest internet service provider, according to availability in 41 states, then simply just get in contact with Spectrum Business Support and get the answers to all the queries that arise in your mind.

You could argue that CenturyLink, a DSL internet service provider, would come in as a close second and you would be absolutely right. There is no arguing the fact that in a head-to-head, the coaxial cable would always have more speed on offer than its counterpart DSL. So at the end of the day it really just comes down to the value for money, doesn’t it? If you compare the prices and plans, then the vote definitely goes to Xfinity Internet who not just have a diverse palate on offer but also offer quite reasonable pricing opportunities.

Since we were discussing the internet types just above, we should also clear that Satellite Internet service will always be a last resort option for us, since the service is very much dependent upon the weather conditions of the region and even the geography of it. That level of inconsistency is something that we can absolutely not withstand. However, we also understand that at times a complete lack of options is evident and hence it becomes a matter of necessity, so when you’re going for a certain type of internet service, then it’s best to go for the very best one and that happens to be Viasat Internet when it comes to satellite internet.