Better than Black Friday: When and Where to Buy Glasses Any Day of the Year

Have you noticed just how many ‘special’ days are arbitrarily added to your calendar on the premise of them being ideal occasions in a diary to spend big? Ever feel that maybe someone is trying their very best to convince you to shop, on a given day, perhaps even for items that you never actually planned to buy?

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Of course, this is how capitalism works and for the most part, these red-letter days can end up turning up a bargain or two, but in reality, the internet as a resource offers you daily opportunities to find a great price for the things you actually genuinely want.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the number of these ‘special’ shopping days is increasing every year, sometimes they are even termed after the very company that is looking to capture your custom, such as in Amazon’s ‘Prime’ Day. You should however look to avoid such traps.

Every Day is a Sale Day Online

Gone are the days that you might have to wait until Black Friday, or Cyber Monday to pick up a great offer on prescription glasses. Now that most of us do almost all our shopping online, there’s less of a reason to wait for a specific day to pick up something we dearly want and likewise no reason to wait until physical shops stock the item that we wish to purchase.

Quite often the deals presented on these ‘special’ days are nothing short of repurposed deals that either exist the other 364 days of the year or, in some cases, are actually more expensive.

It’s clear that some sites and companies will look to make good use of these special sale days and the way they market themselves is often more important than the deals and offers they supply. The idea being that their audience grows for a particular day or week, and they are therefore keen to sell whatever they can to those who visit their websites.

Buying Glasses Online

When it comes to online purchases when measured against the costs of buying items in physical stores, getting glasses via the web can tend to be a far cheaper proposition. So much so that the percentage of us opting for this route is rapidly growing.

The benefits are not just reserved to cost, there are other additional benefits that go beyond pricing. Online you are more likely to see a wider range of options, this goes for frames, eyeglasses, contact lens choices, and prescription glasses.

How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

The concept of buying prescription glasses online is certainly one that the eyewear market is getting used to. The way this tends to work is that you pick your frames of choice, what color you’d like the types of lens you are looking for.

You then enter the details of your prescription, with the relevant correction details for each eye, and then you enter the distance between your pupils, to make sure the frames fit well when you first try them on.

To make the process even more effective some sites offer virtual applications that allow you to see how the glasses will look on your face. This is a perfect way to get a good first glimpse of how they work with your face shape.

In many ways, this is even more preferable than shopping in person, especially if you are not the type of person who likes to hang around and receive opinions from the sales staff, which may appear solely designed to complete a sale.

Shop Around for the Best Bargain

Shopping online for glasses gives you an ideal opportunity to check out how each online store prices its stock. So you can take your time to see which gives you the best price and you can also do the relevant research of the store itself.

Maybe reviews will warn you that the location is known for poor service or alternatively could be regularly commended for its speedy delivery and excellent customer support. All without leaving your front door.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

The fact you have a wider range of stores means you have a wider range of styles, brands, and types. This means that when it comes to buying your glasses, and this is a less frequent experience than most items you’ll shop for, you’ll be able to check out all the options.

This could give you the impetus to go for an entirely new style, maybe a different style of frame, or maybe a decision to move from eyeglasses to contacts. Basically shopping online gives you the benefit of choice, unencumbered by distance and potential price pitfalls.

So remember when you are looking to get yourself a new pair of glasses, or contact lenses, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to complete your sale