Best BioLife Coupon, Discount & Promo Codes

Plasma is one of the many essential elements used to cure disorders like hemophilia and immune system deficiencies. Donating plasma is a noble act, and if it is topped with receiving bonus money and gift amount, then why not take advantage of this noble cause?

BioLife Plasma takes plasma donations and uses them in life-saving therapies. BioLife Plasma offers grants and gifts on each donation. Head on to the next section to find out details about them.

BioLife Coupon, Promo Codes & Discounts

$300 Discount Offer

Bio Plasma offers its donors a combined refund of $300 on their first five donations. After the first donation, the person receives a $60 refund; after the second, they receive a $50, and after the third, they are again given back $50. On their fourth and fifth donations, the donors receive a $60 and $80 grant, respectively, thus adding up to a total of $300. To reap the benefits of this offer, users need to enter the code ‘DONOR300‘. Alternatively, users may also apply code ‘CRAIGSLIST300‘ in their BioLife app and avail of the discount.

$350 Refund Offer

BioLife CouponBio Plasma offers a combined $350 grant to its donors on their first five donations. After their first donation, the donors receive $60, after their second donation $80, and after the third $60. Similarly, on their fourth and fifth donations, the donors receive $70 and $80. All donors need to enter the promo code ‘BIOLIFE350‘ and avail of the offer. This offer can be availed by printing and presenting the coupon before making the first donation and via the mobile app.

$500 Redeemable Coupon

Bio Plasma offers a redeemable coupon worth $500 after eight donations in a row within 30 days of the first donation made. After their first two donations, donors receive two separate amounts of $70 for compensation of each donation. After the third, fourth, and fifth donations, they receive grants worth $50, $60, and $80, respectively. Similarly, they receive a $50, $60, and $60 grant after their sixth, seventh and eighth donation. However, customers need to print the coupon and present it before making their initial donation.

Mobile App Promotion Offer

Bio Plasma offers its donors who schedule appointments for donations using its mobile app a chance to win exciting bonuses starting from $5 up to $25. All donors need to do is download the app and register themselves as new or returning donors. Then schedule donation appointments with Bio Plasma working centers using the app, and they would be automatically roped in for a draw. The draw will have ten winners per Bio Plasma Center.

4 Levels of Bonus Offer

Bio Plasma offers its users various levels of bonuses. These include gold, silver, bronze, and platinum level. All of the levels provide the same amount of free bonus in the first week of donation made, which is $20. However, in the second week of donations made, the bonus amount fluctuates and keeps increasing by $5 for each level.

To be precise, the bronze level donors get a free bonus worth $50, silver level donors get a bonus worth $55, gold level donors get a free bonus of 60, and platinum level donors get a free bonus worth $70 in the second week of their donation.

Other Discounts

Bio Plasma offers customers who refer their friends to the vicinity for donation a bonus of $20. However, the bonus amount will only be released after their friend makes the second donation with the center within 30 days of their first donation. Additionally, it is essential that the referee has donated within the past six months to be eligible for this bonus. In some instances, the bonus amount increases to $30.

Another $75 gift amount is given to new or returning donors who have not donated to Bio Plasma in 6 months. This amount is released to them in parts. After the first donation, donors receive $25, and after the second, they receive $50.

In all coupons and discounts mentioned above, the presentation of printed coupons before making the initial donation is a must condition.

About BioLife Plasma

BioLife Plasma is an extension of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The organization receives plasma donations and then uses them to carry out plasma-based therapeutic processes.