Best Chili’s Coupons & Promo Codes


Does Chili’s have any promotions or deals? Yes, there are a couple of offers from Chili’s. The offers run from drink offers to food offers. You could save significantly on meals at Chili’s.

Chili’s coupons and deals

Drink, appetizer and entree combo for $10

At Chili’s, you could save on drinks and appetizers. For only $10, get a drink, appetizer, and entree combo at Chili’s. No unique code is required for this offer.

22% off Chili’s gift cards at card pool

Are you looking to gift someone with a Chili’s gift card? You could do that at a lower price. Get 22% off your gift card purchase at the card pool. No unique code is required.

Gift and get

Still, on the gift cards, you could give a gift card and get a gift too. When you gift $50 worth of gift cards, you get a $10 e-bonus from Chili’s.

Free deliveries

Wondering how you could get your ordered meals from Chili’s? Well, relax, Chili’s got you covered. When you make orders of $15 and above, you get free delivery. No code is required for this offer.

Dinner for two at just $22

You could save on your dinner meals with Chili’s. For only $22, you get a dinner for two people with no promo code required.

$7 lunch combos with options to choose from

At Chili’s, you get the best deals for lunch combos. You get a $7 lunch combo with 10 options to choose from. No coupon code is required to redeem this offer.

Unlimited Enchiladas for $9.99

Do you love enchiladas?  With only $9.99, you could get unlimited enchiladas. No code is required to activate this great deal.

Select margaritas always $5

For some select margaritas, the price remains $5 every month at Chili’s. For you to get this offer, no code is required.

Margaritas to-go all day long

Chili's CouponsMore offers for margaritas at Chili’s. For low prices, you could purchase margaritas at Chili’s to last you all day long. However, you need to be 21 years and above to buy them.

$25 for 2: Chili’s special

At the Chili’s special, you could save much. You could get meals for 2 for $25. All you need to do is get a table, choose an appetizer and select 2 full-size entrees. After your meal, you choose any desert you wish to have. No code is required to get this deal.

Up to 8% off Chili’s gift cards

Here’s something more on the gift cards. For each gift card, you could get an 8% discount during your purchase.

Chili’s happy hour

At Chili’s happy hour, you could save some cash on meals. You get to enjoy happy hour every day at Chili’s. On Mondays to Thursdays happy hour runs from 3-7 pm and 9 pm to time of closure. On Fridays its 3-7 pm only. On Sundays, you get to enjoy this deal all day.

You will get exclusive meal deals with $3, $4, and $5 food specials.

Get lunch combos for $8

During the week, you get a fantastic lunch combo from 11 am to 4 pm. Get sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, and more under this lunch combo.

Download the Chili’s app

When you have Chili’s app, it is easy to make orders for your meals. Furthermore, you get rewards and many more benefits in the app.

Chili’s email sign up

Have you signed up for the Chili’s email list? With this email sign up, you get many amazing offers. You will be the first to receive special food offers, promo codes, and an offer on chips, salsa, queso or guacamole.

Chili’s reward program

There are good offers when you join Chili’s reward program. First, you receive 60 points upon signing up. These points are enough to earn a free item off the menu.

Secondly,  each dollar spent at the Chili’s restaurant is equal to 1 point. Furthermore, earn points on dine-in delivery and to-go purchases from Chili’s. Also, get opportunities to earn bonus points through offers and challenges.

Moreover, during your birthday, receive a free dessert.

Chili’s kids eat rewards

Do you have a small kid? They could get free meals at Chili’s. All rewards members may receive emails and texts from Chili’s for a free meal for kids. The kids should be 12 years and under. This offer is redeemed during your standard purchase.

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