Top Chipotle Coupons & Promo Codes

Chipotle stands out among its competitors in America for offering the best fast-casual dining experience. Chipotle offers you coupons that allow you to enjoy the best meals at a discounted price.

If you want to know about the latest coupons and discounts, follow the restaurant on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also sign up using their app to get email and text message alerts on the latest discounts and menu list.

Chipotle Coupons

Chipotle rewards

When you sign up for the program, you start earning points when ordering your meals, whether using the app or online. You can also receive the points when you make your order in the store. All you have to do is scan your digital member code at the register when you make your order.

Every $1 you spend at the Chipotle restaurant will offer you 10 points. The more you continue ordering, the more points you earn. Once you have accumulated 1,250 points, you will receive a free entrée.

Order free delivery

In this offer, the restaurant offers you free delivery when you make your order online. It has a team of dedicated personnel ready to ensure your online order gets to you safely and quickly.

You don’t require a coupon code to enjoy this offer. The offer is valid every day and every month. It is only available as one per person, and it cannot be used together with any other offer. For more information and details about the offer, visit the company’s website.

Download the Chipotle app

If you want to get the latest coupons and sales, you can follow the restaurant’s social media accounts. Additionally, you can download the Chipotle app on your phone to be getting a text message and email alerts on the latest coupons.

You do not require any coupon code.

10% off

Chipotle CouponsThe restaurant is offering you 10% off your next purchase for your favorite meal.

To enjoy the discount, copy the coupon code “mob” and paste on the checkout when making your payment.

Note, the offer is available while stocks last, and only one offer is available per person. For more details about the offer, visit the restaurant’s website. The company reserves the right to change or stop the offer at any time.

$5 off the first order

Are you a Postmates customer?

If you are, Chipotle is offering you a discount of $5 off your first five orders through Postmates. It is free for you to sign up for the Postmates delivery.

15% off your order

With this offer, the restaurant offers you a chance to save 15% off your original order. How cool can that be? To get the 15% off your order, copy the promo code “TheRevereReport” and paste it during checkout. Hurry and grab the offer as it is available while stocks last.

Special offers

Chipotle restaurant has loads of offers for special people and on special occasions.

For instance, if you are a student, Chipotle has you covered. When you order a meal at the restaurant, show your valid student id, and get a free drink.

The restaurant has a special deal to celebrate veterans on veteran’s day. When you make your order, let them know that you are a veteran. Thus, you will get one free meal when you buy one.

If you make your order during the holidays such as Christmas and Valentine, you get exclusive offers. The discounts during holidays may include free meals and drinks.

$4 off your order

You can enjoy $4 off the original price when you buy at Chipotle restaurant. To get this offer, copy the coupon code “TEAMBURRITO” and post it on the checkout. The offer is available while stocks last.

$10 credit

Do you have a friend that you want to introduce to the Chipotle experience? If you do, you can do so and enjoy a meal together. Chipotle gives you a $10 credit for introducing your friend. You don’t require any coupon to enjoy the offer.

Chipotle’s military discount

If you are in the military, Chipotle wants to appreciate you for the hard work that you do in protecting the country. When you make your order, ensure you introduce yourself as a military. As such, the store will offer you a military discount which allows you to save some extra bucks.

Get $5 cashback

The $5 cashback offer is available for new members only. When you sign up, you get a chance to win $5 when you shop at the more than 3,000 stores. When you get the $5 cashback, $1 automatically goes to charity.