Coffee vs Tea. 4 Tips on How to Start Your Day in College

The battle between coffee and tea lovers is as old as it gets. Some people prefer beans, others love leaves and there are many studies and researches on both of the drinks. As a student, you know that sometimes there is no way you can deal with all the work without caffeine. Whether you are pulling an all-nighter or just need an energy boost after last night’s party, a hot drink can help in the morning.

So what is actually better? Well, it depends on the person and desired effect. Any expert essay writer will tell you that this debate has a lot of arguments on both sides. And both drinks have their pros and cons, depending on how much you consume. Do you want to know what to start your morning with? Let’s get into details!

So You Like Coffee

It is a world-loved morning drink. Some even say that they cannot start their day without it. And there are several reasons why so many people choose it. Here are the main benefits of coffee:

  • It increases energy levels. Caffeine is the way to go if you need to wake up and do a lot of things fast. It boosts brain function, mood, and reaction time.
  • It helps to burn some calories. It increases metabolism and many fitness enthusiasts prefer black coffee before training.
  • It decreases the risk of type II diabetes.
  • It also reduces the risk of liver diseases and as result helps to live longer.
  • It is nutritious, it increases fiber intake, and includes antioxidants, for instance.

All of that sounds great. But there are also some cons to drinking it. First of all, it should be consumed moderately, if you drink more than 4 cups a day, you might get anxious and jittery.

Secondly, it may increase anxiety and cause sleep problems. Caffeine gets out of the body in about 4-6 hours, so do not consume it late in the evening. Too much coffee can reduce the quality of your sleep. Often, it is better to get professional essay writing service help than staying all night drinking endless cups of coffee. Your brain needs sleep and relaxation and the essay will be better written by professionals than by a sleep-deprived and exhausted student.

What About Tea?

Tea comes in a great variety of blends and tastes. Mostly, it also has caffeine in it, except for some sorts. So if you need an energy boost, you can choose black tea in the morning as well. And there are some blends that help to calm down and sleep. The benefits of tea are:

  • Green tea is incredibly healthy, has as much vitamin C as an orange, and endorses memory;
  • Black tea in the morning can boost your energy as well as coffee without increasing anxiety or heart rate;
  • Tea is also nutritious, has vitamins, antioxidants and offers cleansing abilities;
  • It is easier to avoid too much caffeine intake with tea;
  • It is a superfood that also can help lose weight (green sorts) and can provide better sleep.

There are not many disadvantages to tea, but it can stain teeth as well. And it is not as strong as coffee, as it has less caffeine. But there is no risk of getting anxious, jittery, and losing sleep.

So what is better? It is hard to give a definite answer, as both drinks have health benefits. But tea is a safer choice as it is much harder to go overboard with it. But if you really need something stronger to wake you up – coffee is a way to go.

How to Start Your Day Successfully

Choose your drink and follow these morning routine tips to be more satisfied with your college experience.

Wake up Early

The best way to be productive is to start early. And you also will get the opportunity to enjoy your hot drink in peace. Try to maintain a stable sleeping schedule as it will help you sleep better. Put on your favorite music, meditate or find another ritual that gets you in the good mood.

Have a Breakfast

Of course, everyone is different and if you never eat in the morning, keep to your biological schedule. But generally, it is great to start with a nutritious breakfast. It gives you enough energy and vitamins to go with your day and do your best.

Plan To-Do List

Always have a plan for what you need to do in the day. Begin with the most urgent and time-consuming tasks. It helps to be organized, manage your time better and never forget about a deadline. In the case you did – do not worry, there is always a professional college essay writing service to get you covered. It is an easy and fast way to get all your papers done perfectly when you do not have time for it. After all, college doesn’t have to be all about sitting in the library.

Stretch or Exercise

Another great way to boost your energy level is to get your body moving. You can go for a run, do yoga, or just stretch your muscles. You’ll feel better and more prepared to deal with your daily routine.

In Summary

Coffee and tea are both amazing drinks that have different benefits. Both of them have caffeine but the concentration level is different. Coffee is stronger but it also can increase anxiety or make you shaky if you drink too much. And tea can help to sleep better, depending on what blend you choose.