Cowgirl position – 5 different variations to pleasure

Men enjoy cowgirl sex position. They get an amazing view of her body while she is riding onto him. And a woman experiences better orgasm when she is on top. She can control her body, she can control the speed, and she can rock your world.

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AdinaVoicu (CC0), Pixabay

The cowgirl position is when a man is lying on his back while his woman is riding him. But there’s more to every move of this sex position. Every sex position can be improvised in a better way to reach the climax.

The cowgirl position can be done in 5 different ways. She won’t be able to control her screams, and you’d go breathless.

5 different variations of cowgirl position

The key is to let the woman decide her body posture in the cowgirl position. If she can ride you in variations, passionately, she can make you hit her G-spot. Tell your girl the exact steps to perform different cowgirl positions and leave everything up to her.

1. The Sitting Cat

Women enjoy his shaft going inside her with the right pace as she controls her body movements. In the sitting cat, Man lies on his back. The woman sits on his manhood and stretches her legs to the side of his face.

She can tickle herself to maximize the stimulation. The man gets a fantastic view of her curves, breasts, and, most importantly, her expressions.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, a girl rides you with her back facing you. You can feel her writhing body, grab her buttocks, help her increase the pace while she can play with herself.

The girl can adjust her knees to either side of his body to control the proper balance speed. You wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else, let your girl handle the pace.

And if she can pull her knees up, she can pull you deeper inside her.

3. Face to Face

The closer you are to each other, the warmer and passionate the sex would be. Her body would be thrusting on yours and her face is as close as you could kiss her as long as you want.

In Face to Face cowgirl, a man sits on a chair, legs wide open, inviting her on top. She sits on his thing facing him with her lap over his lap. Both of them can hug and kiss each other while stroking. The man can put equal motion as a woman to climax together.

4. The wave

The wave is one of the most erotic variations of cowgirl. There is no chance that you’ll be left disappointed. You and your partner will go on a ride of a deep pleasure together.

In the wave, the man lies on his back, and the woman throws herself onto him. Her body, hot and writhing, overlapping on his body from the top. Man can penetrate her deep, and she can control her body flow. The man can reach for her breast and neck, and she can leave a few love bites on his chest to make it wilder.

5. Belly dancer

Men are obsessed with a woman’s breasts, and she enjoys that affection. Mixing that affection with an erotic deep riding would take her to the other world, leaving you all sweaty and breathless.

A man lies on his back in a belly dancer and spreads his legs to let her sit on top. She sits on him, folding her knees and placing her legs on either side of his body. A man can grab her breasts and move his hands to trace her curves while making him reach her G Spot. A woman who can nail this is a deva.