Top Cyclebar Promo Code of 2020


Enjoy price cuts for services at Cyclebar with promo codes. Cyclebar is a friendly indoor cycling studio that helps you exercise and look good at affordable prices. Cyclebar is offering its customers an opportunity to keep fit under a budget. By using active promo codes, you will be able to quickly pay less for your services. We have researched and found a couple of promo codes that are suitable for you. Go ahead and try them. Ensure you use a promo code where required.

Cyclebar Promo Codes

Get your first ride at $10

Are you looking to join the nearest Cyclebar studio near you? Then you are in luck. You can experience your first ride at Cyclebar at only $10. No code is required. Bring your energy to start your fitness journey.

20% off a ride package of $20, $50 or $100

Here is an exclusive offer. You can now get 20% off rides of $20, $50, or $100. Use promo code Intro20 and experience a significant discount on your ride.

Redeem your free ride

At Cyclebar, clients get a chance to enjoy a free ride. Isn’t this just amazing? Not only do you get to save yourself some money, but you also get to exercise for free. Use the promo code welcome2020 to redeem your ride today.

2 free rides

Cyclebar Promo CodeNow, this is super exciting. Not only do you get to enjoy one free ride, but now you can get two! Through 10112020, using the promo code two, you get two free rides instead of one.

30% off $59+

For any order ranging from $59 and above, you can get 30% off. Use the promo code JOY30. Copy and paste it at checkout and enjoy your discount.

30% off

Can you imagine getting a price cut of up to 30%? How much money will you save? Well, you can now get 30% off your first-month payment of any package at Cyclebar. Use the promo code BTS30 to grab yourself that discount. Let us know if it worked for you.

Free offer

You know how physical exercise makes you thirsty, and all you want to do is have a drink. Well, you can now enjoy cold-pressed juice samples at Cyclebar. Use the promo code NATIVE. This is only applicable in the 5.45 p.m class. Visit for more information.

Get four rides at $59

Cyclebar offers value for your money. Grab yourself a one of a kind offer. Get four rides in a month at only $59. No promo code is required. This sale is already activated. Visit for more information.

8 rides at $109

Are you working to build your upper body strength and towards being fit? You can now do that at a reduced price with our wholesome package offer. Get eight rides at $109 at Cyclebar. No promo code required. Visit the official Cyclebar page at to purchase your package today.

Unlimited rides at $139

Here is an exciting offer for you. With only $139 payments, you can get unlimited rides at Cyclebar in a month. This means that you can drop by any day, any time, and start cycling! It is such an excellent opportunity to save money. No promo code required. Simply visit Cyclebar official page at to make a purchase.

About Cyclebar

Cyclebar was founded back in the year 2004 by two siblings. Their vision was to offer fitness services to people at a lower price. It has a unique high-tech ceiling theatre, enhanced lighting, video screens, and an excellent sound system. The indoor cycling studio has branches in different parts of the country. Cyclebar class packages range from different prices according to preferences and an individual’s budget. Begin an incredible fitness journey at reasonable prices with Cyclebar.


How do I use Cyclebar promo codes?

This is simple. For active deals that come with promo codes, you are required to copy the code and paste it during check out. It will automatically activate, and you will receive your discount.

What if my promo code isn't working?

Non-functional promo codes can mean that the offer has expired and is no longer available. In case this happens, and you need to make more inquiries, contact Cyclebar customer care services. Visit their official page at for more information about their customer care services.

If you are looking to keep fit, build your strength at affordable prices and good deals, Cyclebar studio is the place to be. If you are a member, use promo codes and other monthly deals to get great offers. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback on the promo codes with us. Enjoy your cycling experience!

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